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Following Thailand’s impressive efforts in halting the spread of Covid-19, this week the United States Department of State has lowered the travel advisory level to from Level 2 to Level 1.

On August 6th, the US removed its global Level 4 travel warning, yet placed only a Level 2 warning on Thailand given the pandemic. As of November 23rd, Thailand was downgraded to Level 1 – the lowest possible travel advisory rating – which shows Thailand is heading in the right direction and may encourage tourists to visit.

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According to the US Department of State website, travelers must exercise normal precautions in Thailand, yet be aware that some areas have an increased risk.

This is down in large part to the fantastic job Thailand has done regarding Covid-19. With 3,926 cases in total and only 60 deaths, it has performed admirably in stopping the virus from snowballing, and has drawn plaudits from the World Health Organization for its efforts. This is thanks in part to swift and stern action taken by the government, which included compulsory mask wearing, a curfew and the need to sign in and out of shops as a means of contact tracing.

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As a result of their efforts, Thailand have been downgraded to Level 1. At present, there are only four countries with such a travel advisory; Macau, Taiwan, New Zealand and Thailand. These countries too boast impressive Covid-19 statistics.

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Areas to Reconsider

However, the Department of State does urge travelers to reconsider traveling to the southern border provinces of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat and Songkhla.

This is because of the sproradic outbreaks of violence and bloodshed in these provinces at the hands of a separatist insurgency. Yet whilst this may be still a real threat to travelers, it is usually government interests that are targets of attacks, not tourists.

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Is Thailand Open For Tourism?

Thailand is starting to re-open its borders to tourists. The country has a 60-day tourist visa that can be applied for by persons of any nationality, and has also created a Special Tourist Visa for those who wish to stay longer. 

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All travelers must be tested for Covid-19 up to 72 hours before arriving in the country, and must also undergo a second test upon arrival. Tourists must then stay in a quarantine hotel for 14 days, before being allowed to leave and explore the country.

Khao San Road in Bangkok - Thailand

Thailand Begins To Loosen Entry For Tourists

Thailand has slowly began to introduce measures that may entice tourists to return. 

Last week, Thailand reversed its decision on the controversial income requirement amount just weeks after announcing the policy following online backlash, restoring hope to many eager travelers.

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Prospective travelers to Thailand were also handed encouraging news as it recently emerged that the country was mulling a potential reduction in the number of days of quarantine needed upon entry.

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