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The Valentines Gift That Makes My Wife Swoon

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Diamonds and flowers are a girls best friend right? You usually can't go wrong by showing up with a bouquet of flowers and a pair of diamond earrings. It'll make her happy for the day and probably even lead to a special romantic reward at the end of the evening.

The memory of another Valentines Day will fade, the flowers will die and maybe those earrings will get worn on special occasions. 

There is nothing wrong with that Valentines Day. You'll have made your wife happy and you kept yourself out of the doghouse. The questions is though, did you make her swoon?

There is one gift that will make my wife swoon every year. That will make her feel beautiful, safe, loved and appreciated.  The gift of my complete undivided attention and time. 

The Valentines Gift That Makes My Wife Swoon

The Gift That Makes My Wife Swoon for valentines

We've made it 5 years so far so I must be doing something right. Each year I make Valentines Day about the same thing. It's about showing my wife how much I love and appreciate her. That doesn't just mean some flowers and a card. 

This day and age we are more distracted than ever. We are constantly bombarded with our phones, technology and the stresses of ever day life. 

Let's be honest, our phones gets more attention than our spouse. 

That just seems so wrong. We aren't awful people, it's just the way life has become. That doesn't mean though that for one day of the year on Valentines, we can't do something about it. 

My Complete and Undivided Attention

I'm guilty of it. The first thing I do when I wake up every day is reach for my phone. The night before Valentine's Day, I move my phone charger away from my bed. I move it to where my phone will be unreachable in the morning. The first and only thought I want on my mind will be my wife. To say “Good Morning Beautiful”. Then hold her in my arms and whisper “I love You”

It seems like such a small thing to do but it's a huge deal for my wife. She knows right from the moment I wake up, I remember its Valentines Day and I am going to show her how much I love and appreciate her. 

Valentines Gift 2019

The Gift of Time

This year I understand more than ever that there will never be enough days together. There will never be enough movie nights. There will never be enough walks and there will never be enough moments. The problem is we don't usually realize that until it's too late.

My father passed away of Cancer last year and it was a huge wake up call for me and how I devote my time to my wife. All my mom wants is one more day with my Dad. She doesn't think of the flowers or the gifts he bought her. She thinks of him, their time together and the moments they shared. 

That's how I know what really matters is that I give my wife my time, more than anything else. On Valentine's Day, I give her attention, love, appreciation and praise. I spend the day honoring her and reminding her that she is the most important person in the world to me. 

Valentines Gift Swoon

I Give Her The Day

Where ever we are in the world I always want to make it special. This year I have planned an overnight at a Wellness Resort including couples massages and dining. It will be a completely zero stress environment where we can just spend time together, relaxing and enjoying each others company.

 There are a few things I always remember on Valentine's Day

I stay off my phone

I tell her I'm excited about the day

I listen intently so she knows I value her opinion and stories. (Trust me my wife can talk!)

I look her in the eye, I admire her beauty and tell her how beautiful she is

I thank her for being my wife and putting up with my craziness. 

I touch her romantically with respect (not sexually…yet)

I open doors and pull out her chair at dinner

I take photos of her and us

I have written a letter/note to let her know how I feel about her

I give her turn down service (fold her blanket nicely, put water on the night table)

I remind her how absolutely sexy she is 

Lights Out 😉


It's About More Than Gifts

I'm not saying don't buy your wife flowers or diamonds! (I can see my inbox filling up with some angry women if that happens). I still buy my wife presents but we usually save our money for experiences we can share together such as romantic trips and cruises. The trips and getaways create moments and memories that last forever. 

Have An Experience - Valentine's Day Ideas

People are tired of the consumerism related to holidays such as Valentine's Day. Even flowers are at least triple the price. Don't fall into the trap. Do things for your partner that provide an experience for both of you. Memories over material items. 

  • Cook your partner a romantic dinner
  • Stay at a romantic hotel in your own city
  • Plan a romantic scavenger hunt
  • Spend time together outside such as a hike, skiing or even a long walk
  • Couples spa day
  • Surprise trip
  • Scenic drive
  • Re-create your first date

Valentines Day is now part of our culture but how you celebrate it is up to you. As long as you are honoring and celebrating your partner, they will love it. 

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Photography by: Victoria Blaire