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Visitors To Germany Will Be Eligible For Unlimited Train Travel For Just $52 This Summer

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Late last week, the German government approved a plan for ultra-cheap public transportation tickets.

This new “Deutschlandticket,” or “Germany Ticket,” is replacing a popular program that ran last summer when transit tickets were available at just over $9 per month.

While not quite as cheap as before, the new tickets are still an incredible deal at $52 per month.

Metro trains collect passengers in Hamburg Germany

The program is still awaiting final approval by the German parliament on March 31, and once passed the tickets will be available by May 1, 2023.

Current plans are for the subsidized tickets to be available through the end of 2024, at which point the program will be reevaluated.

What Types Of Transportation Does It Cover?

Once implemented, Germany Tickets will allow pass holders unlimited travel on public transportation networks throughout the country.

The tickets will work on all regional rail, metro, trams, and public buses in Germany, with one exception.

Long-distance coaches and privately operated trains and buses are not part of the program, including the popular high-speed ICE trains, Flixbus, and Flixtrains.

A yellow and blue tram runs down a street in Munich Germany

Why Is The Pass So Inexpensive?

By incentivizing travel on public transportation through fare subsidies, the German government hopes to get more people to use greener forms of transit.

The hope is that an increase in public transportation use will lead to fewer cars on the road, thus helping the country to meet its carbon reduction targets.

Additionally, the scheme was also intended to help with the cost of living crisis.

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A colorful subway staion in Munich, Germany

Last summer, when the program was implemented, a whopping 50 million passes were sold -not bad considering Germany’s population is around 83 million.

That accounted for one billion trips each month which, in turn, saved 1.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

With the new $52 pass, the government is targeting people who commute in and out of larger cities, many of whom would sometimes use cars.

How Do I Buy One?  

The $52 tickets will be available via a monthly subscription program that can be canceled at any time.

That means that tourists can purchase a pass for the month of their visit and cancel upon departure so that it does not auto-renew once they are no longer in Germany.

A yellow tram runs through the streets of Berlin, Germany

However, you’ll need to plan ahead, as the pass needs to be purchased before the 20th day of the month preceding the month you plan to use it.

It is also worth noting, though, that passes will run from the first day through the last day of each calendar month- meaning that if your visit stretches from the end of one month to the start of the next, you’ll need two passes.

Berlin Train with Sun shining

For example, if you plan to visit Germany from June 23 – July 6 and want to use a pass the whole time, you’ll need to order your ticket by May 20 and allow it to auto-renew on June 20.

After June 20, you can then cancel the subscription, so you do not get charged for a ticket in August.

Tickets will be available to use digitally via the BVG smartphone app or by obtaining an eligible chip card.

The passes are now available to preorder on BVG’s website. Alternatively, they can also be purchased in person at a BVG customer center.

Female Traveler Dragging Her Luggage Across The Platform Of The Station Ahead Of Boarding A Train

Will I Get My Money’s Worth?

At just $52 per month, tickets are a great deal, but not every visitor will benefit from the pass.

Public transportation tickets in Germany are already priced well- so if you are staying just a few days in one city, you might be better off purchasing a 24-hour or multi-day pass instead.

Vintage toned image of a young brunette woman wearing a red coat, standing in the Berlin metro station.

However, if you are visiting multiple cities during your trip, plan to stay outside the city center and commute in for sightseeing, or if you are staying for a few weeks or longer, you will likely save a good amount of money by buying one of these passes.

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Wednesday 22nd of March 2023

I love the idea and I used the 9 Euro ticket in Germany last year, but it was so terribly crowded (during a heatwave and with a mandatory facemask) and there were so many delays and cancellations of trains that I went back home after a week.