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What we missed about Canada while living in Ecuador

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Making the HUGE move from rural Ecuador into Mexico a few weeks ago sure has us dazzled by the abundance that surrounds us.  I mean a plethora of options available in every sense!  Doesn't that sound crazy?  When most people think of Mexico, they don't usually relate that into having ANY creature comfort in existence, but that is how we feel!

You should see us in the stores, we probably look like we have a few screws loose.  We walk down the food isles with our eyes wide open and we get excited, and sometimes scream, when we see the most BASIC things!  Like BODY WASH!  (Seriously, try and find Body Wash in rural Ecuador… it's about as common as a pink unicorn).

Even with all this LUXURY of choice we have in Mexico compared to Ecuador, of course there are a few things we miss about Canada!


Kashlee's ‘Canada MISS' List:

  • Turkey Bacon.  My friend Sheri-lyn posted a picture of it a few days ago and I literally sat and drooled at my screen.  That is a not a normal response to seeing a photo of a processed breakfast meat.
  • QUEST BARS.  I feel like we had such a great relationship, but we had to end it in September when I left for South America, but I can't stop thinking about the good times.  The low carb chocolatey goodness, the protein fix on the go, the FIBRE that….okay I will stop there. If you have never indulged, get some here. (Mmmm Double Chocolate Chunk)
  • Mail.  Call me old school, but I love getting snail mail.  It gives me a total dopamine boost.  We had NO possible mail service in Ecuador, and while it is possible in Mexico… we would not start forwarding it now with less than 2 months until home time.
  • Outfit options.  I am not (that) high maintenance, but I had to pack for 6 months in ONE suitcase.  That meant minimal outfit options.  I kind of just rotate through the same ones week after week.  This includes shoe options.  Please send help.
  • The RAT.  You know, that fluffy creature that lives in my house, leaves FURR everywhere and thinks he is better than everyone.  Yes, LOUIE!



Trevor's ‘Canada MISS' List:

  • His Truck.  *Enter Tim the Toolman Taylor growl here*.  Of course that man misses his truck!  We have been without the ability to drive ourselves anywhere for a while!  Plus, I think one of Trevor's favorite hobbies is going to the wand wash.  Anyone else have a hubby like that?
  • Our new trailer.  He wants to hook it up, set it up, wash it, tinker with it, and most of all just sit outside of it and look at the lake.  We bought it and put it right into storage, so it's been on his mind for a while!
  • Food Delivery.  You know those days when you are just NOT in the mood to cook and you just want some Pad Thai delivered to your door? Well be grateful for that luxury!  He misses the ability to place an order for comfort food that comes to him.
  • Zesty Cheese Doritos. Hey, before you judge we ALL have a favorite food we know we should not be eating.  Trevor doesn't know he does this, but he calls out for them in the middle of the night.



What we BOTH truly miss about Canada:

  • Family & Friends. Six months is a LONG time to be thousands of kilometres away from all our family and friends!  There are many moments we wish we could all be together, but we try and do our best over Skype and Facebook.  We miss you!!!!
  • THE INTERNET.  Okay, imagine you have something super important you need to get done and you are all excited and ready to do it, and them BAM.  Internet goes out for 4 hours. Now imagine that happening 3 times a day.  Now imagine that happening over 4 months straight.  I think they should make a horror movie out of that.  All the Gen X, Y and Millennials will be kept awake at night for weeks.  Do they have a support group for this yet?  I'm starting one….
  • Team Events.  One of the things we love MOST about our business is when we can all come together at Team Events.  Since we work a lot online, its such a treat to get to spend some serious facetime with our team.  We miss live training, creative idea swapping, and just hanging out with the coolest people we know!
  • Shakeo.  Yeah so… we kind of ran out.  WHAT!? I could only pack ONE bag for SIX months!  So we had to ration.  And now our supplies have been exhausted.  Good thing we have a steady shipment of Shakeology still being delivered back home!
  • Weights & Body Beast.  Weights (you know like gym weights) do not exist in rural Ecuador.  The closest we could have gotten would be the 20L water jugs we drank from.  Both Trevor and I have a love for Sagi's BODY BEAST, so we miss pumping iron with that hilarious Israeli on BOD.


I wonder what the ‘Things we miss about Mexico and Ecuador' list will have on it?  🙂  In all honesty, there will always be things we miss from anywhere we visit (or leave from).  That is the point of travelling!  It puts SO many things into perspective for you.  Sometimes you need to live a little while without the things you love to realize just HOW MUCH you love them! 

Would any of the same things be on YOUR ‘Miss List?'  Tell us below!