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Trading the City for a Travel Trailer

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When Trevor first told me he wanted us to buy a trailer, I couldn’t even keep my composure from laughing at him.  “What the heck would we do with that?!  I have never gone camping before, let alone even slept in a trailer before!  And where do you think we would store it?  You must have a few screws loose!”

He must be clairvoyant or something because now he can’t get me OUT of this thing!

This is how badly I’ve gotten ‘lake lot fever’:

  • It’s a Saturday night.
  • I am writing this on my laptop in the bedroom of the trailer.
  • In sweatpants.
  • After I raked leaves, fed horses, did some gardening while listening to Whitney Houston with my sister in law.

Yep…. I’ve got it bad!

Far cry from someone who even a few years ago would have been decked out in high heels, a fancy dress, and heading to fine dining dinner reservations.  Not to say I still won’t, but hey, I am embracing this new relaxing lifestyle!

All jokes aside, this has been one of the greatest decisions we have ever made, and for a few different reasons:

-We are living life by design-

We are the painters of this masterpiece we call life.  We gave ourselves permission to pick up the brush a few years ago and since we have been pouring ourselves into this composition.  When we took orders from others, worked at jobs that gave us no fulfillment, our canvas was blank. Now that we are in control, the colours fly madly onto the page. This lake lot was one of those dreams that slowly became a reality. We had no idea what we were doing, but we kept going with a good feeling about it every day! Now we have a space that we both worked very hard to secure.

-We want to try new things-

Just because I had never embraced the ‘simple life’ doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try!  I never thought of myself in work boots doing outdoor labor!  To tell you the truth, Trevor didn’t see himself doing much of that either (he is a little bit of a diva! hehe) If you yourself want to change things up but are not ready for the all-in like we have done you should first check out the options around your area, something like Padstow luxury cottages for rent to get a taste of the life without going all out like we have. Its something to think about!

By trying something completely new and unfamiliar we have unlocked passions we didn’t even know we had!

-Anything worth it hurts a little bit-

Spending time at a lake lot can look glamorous from the outside….until you are the ones who own it!  It’s a lot of work!  Scratch that- it’s a lot of HARD work, but the reward is much greater.

There is something fulfilling about looking at a finished project knowing YOU did it with your own two hands.  That is something I have never really experienced until now, and it sure is satisfying!

-It teaches us balance-

Trevor and I are OBSESSED with our business, our coaches, and the people we help.  We would probably spend weeks upon end investing time into our work.  Having this lake lot to escape to gives us a break from the screens and teaches us to unplug a little bit.  We are going to split our time between here and the city all spring and summer long, so of course we will still work here, but it gives us a new perspective on things.

-Sharing it-

All of the work and set up we are putting into this property wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have people to share it with.  We can’t wait to invite friends, family and our team here to spend time with us!  We wanted a space where people could come and enjoy some time off, laugh with us, take in the gorgeous scenery and just feel at home.  We are even planning to host some team retreats which is a really wonderful way to pair work and play!

-The one thing we were missing-

Coming back to Canada after being in some of the most beautiful places in the world left us a little melancholy at first, until we remembered we are in Gods backyard.  The Okanagan valley is breathtaking in every sense of the word.  The huge snow capped mountain ranges, tall pine trees, green fields, dark blue to teal lakes and sunny skies. This was the one thing we were missing.  A place to remember how important it is to be connected to nature and how beautiful our own country is. This is something we will never take for granted!

-It's brilliantly unique-

The property is lakefront, with a sloping hill and flat land on the top (where we put the trailer), but the real gem is at the bottom of the slope.  Built in the early 60's, with a claim to fame of being the FIRST cabin on that section of the lake, is our retro guest cottage!  It has a large deck that the water flows right underneath, 2 bedrooms, a fully stocked kitchen and VINTAGE decor.  I am talking about orange and green 60's flowers with wood panelling and built in drawers.  It's fantastically nostalgic.   Behind the trailer we have a tall mountain range view, enormous 100 year old trees and a cleared field with horses and cattle. OH…AND….. It looks at Sparkling Hill across the lake… where I would LOVE to get married!!!

So that’s it!  I’m SOLD on trading the city for the trailer!  I can’t stop staring at the lake.  I can’t stop making lists of things I want to do in the yard next. I can’t wait until we have our friends, family and team out!

It’s been hard work to be able to make this dream come true, and it will continue to be hard work to make it perfect, but there is nothing ‘hard’ about learning to enjoy it. 😉

Share with us what you prefer: Countryside or City?


Update: In 2017 we sold our condo to live (seasonally) in the travel trailer full time. During the winter we are still travelling abroad each year for 6 months.

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