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Why Digital Nomads Should Add These 4 European Islands To Their Radar

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As digital nomads spread out across the globe, there emerge more countries and destinations that are great options for remote workers for various reasons.

While many digital nomads choose their next place based on the cost of living, climate, or the availability of digital nomad visas, there seem to always be more places emerging that tick all the boxes for remote workers. 

woman looking at mediterranean sea and beach

When it comes to weather, you can’t beat an island in the Mediterranean.

Luckily there is no shortage of European islands to choose from, and many of them all meet the needs that the digital nomads of today require. 

So the hardest question is often, where to choose?

Working on laptop on beach on wooden table at sunset

Here we have 4 European islands that are growing in popularity with both travelers and digital nomads alike, winning people over with their natural beauty, location, weather, friendly atmosphere, and wifi connectivity availability. 

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Historic Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Paul in main town square of Mdina village in Malta, Europe

Here are 4 European Islands That Digital Nomads Should Add To Their Radar: 


This tiny European island county in the Mediterranean has been making waves with digital nomads recently for many reasons. 

Malta’s new Digital Nomad Residence Permit is relatively easy to apply for, as it can be done fully online. 

Malta’s internet consistently ranks in the top 50 of the world’s fastest, and wifi and co-working spaces are available in many places across the country. 

The weather in Malta is sunny and warm, and the whole country is well connected by public buses and ride-share options. 

Malta is also safe and friendly, making it a great option for solo female digital nomads as well. 

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With a digital nomad visa perfect for American remote workers, this trending Mediterranean country has been gaining more attention in recent years. 

With the idyllic blend of Greek and Turkish cultures (and food!), Cyprus is surrounded by beautiful beaches and amazing cultural towns and cities. 

Cyprus can be cheap if you look in the right places, and most daily living necessities are much cheaper than in the U.S. as well. 

The island is well covered by internet and wi-fi, and more co-working spots are popping up all over the place. 

Cyprus is a unique island as it’s divided down the center by The United Nations Buffer Zone, making a border between the Greek Cypriot-controlled Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 

Along the border, you will find the unique and fascinating city of Nicosia, which has been rated a great choice for digital nomads recently. (Just remember to carry your passport with you if you want to cross the border.)

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Corfu, Greece

As one of the top destinations to visit this year, it’s no wonder that a Greek island would make the list of great islands for digital nomads. 

While Greece does have a digital nomad visa, it’s one of the more expensive ones to qualify for. As part of the Schengen zone, most visitors (including those from the U.S. and U.K.) are eligible to stay for 90 days in a 180-day period. 

If you run out of time in Greece (or if you just want to get away for a bit), Corfu is only a short ferry ride from the Albanian Riviera town of Sarande.

As Albania is not part of Schengen, you can spend your three months in Greece and then move over to notoriously popular Albania for your next period of time. 

@bethanewright Back on our travels… Here’s a look at a week in Greece as a digital nomad. We were definitely in the few in Greece, got a few strange looks for being on laptops, not sure there’s a huge Digital Nomad presence in this small town, but it was still a lovely visit as a stop gap before we head for our next 1 month stay. Where do you think we’re heading? I’ll give you a clue…you can technically see it in this vid. #digitalnomadlifestyle #digitalnomadeurope #albaniatravel #europetravel #balkantravel #remotework #digitalnomadgirl ♬ Good Days – SZA

Sicily, Italy 

As the largest island in the Mediterranean, Italy’s Sicily has been gaining attention from remote workers recently. Some come for the beaches, the unique urban areas, the nature, and quite possibly the food as well. 

Sicily’s capital city of Palermo ranks as one of Italy’s cheapest for digital nomads and is also one of the fastest-growing hubs for remote workers in the world. 

Sicily has been making the top of many lists recently, for safe and budget-friendly destinations, to off-the-beaten-path Italian towns and beaches. 

Transportation around Sicily is cheap, easy, and painless, with busses and trains connecting most areas that you might need to go. 

Some might say that the infrastructure in the area needs some improvement, but the island's charms and natural beauty seem to outweigh the negatives in this area. 

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