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Why Fall Is The Best Time To Travel To This South American Country

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When you think of the fall season, returning to school and preparing for the year’s final quarter comes to mind. However, if these obligations don't tie you down, fall can be your opportunity to travel.

But the question is where to travel to? Most likely, you want to go somewhere sunny and warm. Yet, in most places, the temperatures are starting to drop. Additionally, many European cities are recovering from their influx of summer tourists. So where can travel addicts go to get their travel fix?

The answer is below the border, in the South American country of Brazil.

Woman looking at Rio in Brazil

Fun facts about Brazil

Brazil has much to offer travelers as the largest country in South America. Home to the Amazon rainforest, here are some fun facts about this Portuguese-speaking country to pique your interest.

  • Brazil hosts the biggest Carnival in the world. Over 2 million people take part in parades, music, dance, and dressing up in colorful costumes.
  • Brazil has over 400 airports, so getting around won’t be a problem.
  • Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee.
  • The Brazilian coastline stretches to 4655 miles.
  • Brazil’s biodiversity is one of a kind, with about 4 million plant and animal species.
white building with colorful borders

Are you thinking about giving this South American country a visit? Here is why fall is a great time to explore this destination.

September – November is the shoulder season

You may have heard terms such as high season and low season. High season is when hoards of people travel to popular destinations. Low season is when places don’t receive many visitors and can sometimes be a time when a destination has undesirable weather.

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blue water with surrounded by green island

The shoulder season fits between the high and low seasons. It is when there are fewer tourists so visiting popular attractions won’t be overcrowded. Also, flights tend to be cheaper, and the weather hits the sweet spot of not being overwhelmingly hot but still warm enough to go to the beach.

The weather during the fall

For people who live above the equator, September is typically the beginning of cooler temperatures. However, in the tropical areas of Brazil, September and October are the ends of their winter season.

As mentioned before, Brazil is a vast country; therefore, the temperatures will vary depending on your region.

Large river with green trees

On average, temperatures can range from the low 70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit if traveling in the northern region.

If you decide to travel further south, you can expect cooler temperatures and sometimes light snow if you travel during their winter. These cooler temperatures can be a nice break if you’ve dealt with the heat waves most of the summer.

Make sure to pack accordingly and bring more than just flip-flops.

Lower accommodation costs

Brazil is usually a budget-friendly place to visit. Still, during the Fall, you can make your money go further.

Beach in Brazil surveyed over 6,000 mid-range hotels and found the average cost was about $58 a night. During the fall, you can expect prices in that range and possibly lower. For budget hotels, the average price is approximately $32 a night.

Festivals and events

Although Carnival is one of Brazil’s biggest attractions, other lively events happen yearly. One popular event is the Rio International Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro and Oktoberfest in Blumenau.

Yes, it might seem strange that a traditional German celebration is hosted in Brazil. Surprisingly, the country has a large German population. Their Oktoberfest is the second largest in the world, outside of Germany.

The Capitolio Canyons, Brazil, South America, Latin America

October is also a great time to visit Brazil’s famous beaches along the beautiful Green Coast known as Ilha Grande.

Visit these popular destinations with fewer crowds

Because there are fewer crowds during the fall, these popular destinations will have fewer tourists.

woman walking down street in salvador, brazil
  • Manaus has spectacular beaches, including Aventura Beach, Dios Rios, and Palmas Cove.
  • Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, offers the Cathedral of Brasilia. It is an extraordinary structure of 16 curved concrete columns.

If you haven’t opened Google Flights, now is a great time to start eyeing flights to Brazil.

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