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Why These 5 Destinations Are Some Of The Best For Digital Nomads Right Now 

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With more and more people embracing the work-from-anywhere lifestyle, it’s clear that digital nomadism is a trend that is here to stay.

While there is an ever-growing list of digital nomad visas available for countries all over the world, there are some places that continue to win top marks with remote workers for a variety of reasons. 

Female digital nomad working on her laptop while on a chair hammock in Bali

A new study from ExpressVPN has listed the best locations around the world for digital nomads, taking into account criteria such as visa requirements, safety, cost of living, and quality of life.

The top contenders all offer a different way of life for the remote worker; from beaches to cities, there is something for everyone in these 5 locations. 

These Are The Top 6 Destinations For Digital Nomads This Winter

Here’s Why These 5 Destinations Are Some Of The Best For Digital Nomads Right Now:

Tallinn, Estonia 

The Baltic region of Europe has quietly gained popularity with digital nomads recently, and countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are becoming seen as great places to base yourself.

Estonia’s cozy capital city of Tallinn is one example of a city that has long been underrated by travelers, yet it is starting to gain more attention with the remote worker crowd. 

Tallinn is safe, has great infrastructure, modern amenities, a growing digital nomad community, and a relatively cheap cost of living. While the winters might be cold, there are more than enough cozy cafes to duck into and warm up with a cup of coffee while you work.

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Bangalore, India 

This city is often referred to as India’s version of Silicon Valley, and it’s a great place for those working in the tech industry. Bangalore wins points for its weather as well, with a milder climate than many other Indian locations, providing a comfortable place to base yourself for a while.

Bangalore's expat community is growing, and more and more cafes, co-working spaces, restaurants, and accommodation options are opening up over time.

One thing to note here is that the internet is known to be very fast, and connecting is never an issue, helping digital nomads to stay productive. 

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Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Ask anyone who has been working remotely for the past few years where one of the most popular choices in Asia is for digital nomads, and you are likely to hear the answer of Chiang Mai over and over.

Thailand’s northern city is nestled in the hills and overflowing with cafes, temples, and co-working spots nowadays. 

Chiang Mai has great wifi, modern amenities, and endless places to eat and drink,  with a much more laid-back vibe than buzzy Bangkok. Chiang Mai might be far from Thailand's iconic beaches, but it offers remote workers a chance to settle down and explore the country from a different point of view. 

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Madeira, Portugal 

The country of Portugal has seen a massive boom in tourism recently, and hotspots such as Lisbon, Porto, and The Algarve have become popular spots for both tourists and digital nomads. Far from the mainland though, another great option awaits, full of natural beauty, unique towns, epic views, and amazing weather. 

The Portuguese island of Madeira lies about 600 miles from the coast, and digital nomads love it for its unique views, island lifestyle, and co-working scene.

Getting to and from Madeira is cheap and easy, with many flights a day to the mainland, so if you need to escape the island lifestyle and get into a big city, that’s easy enough to do. 

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Bali, Indonesia 

What might be considered the original digital nomad hotspot, Bali has been luring remote workers for a while now, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

While there is much debate regarding the impact of the boom in tourism here and the effect on traditional culture, there is no denying that this is the epicenter of the digital nomad scene today. 

It’s the quintessential place for logging from a jungle balcony or a beachside cafe. Bali's popularity with digital nomads is thanks to its beauty, its people, the beaches, decent Wi-Fi and safety, and many other reasons.

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Sunday 15th of October 2023

It is really off path, but Bansko, Bulgaria is cool too. It is very small, a village but it has amazing ski shists and beautiful mountains visited by many tourists. In summer too is nice and cool. Some places like hotels are expensive but some places just in the village are super cheap.