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Why This Coastal Destination Is The Best Place To Visit In Mexico This Fall

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Mexico will always be an American's first choice when picking an international destination, and it will be no different this fall.

When you get so very few paid leave days per year, and you've spent months on end dreaming of a holiday, there's nowhere you'd rather go than the neighboring sunny country to the south.

View Of A Resort Zone In Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

With that being said, making a decision can be particularly hard, especially when you're torn between the agitated life and crystal-clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean and the laid-back atmosphere and luxury of the Mexican Pacific states.

Where, then, should you go for an off-season beach getaway?

Cabo Is Where It's At

In case you were still in doubt, there's no better place to experience the natural beauty of Mexico and put your mundane worries to rest than Los Cabos.

Famous Arco de Los Cabos In Los Cabos, Pacific Coast Of Mexico

A dual attraction combining two resort cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which sit on the Southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula, it is currently Mexico's trendiest and fastest-recovering destination post-crisis.

It has surpassed Cancun's own recovery a number of times last year, and this year, it's continued to grow at an unprecedented rate, with a 28 percent increase in available seats in May alone. Cabo is smashing records left, right, and center, and you may be wondering why.

World-Class Amenities

Los Cabos Marina With Loads Of Boats And Yachts Docked, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Cabo's high rate of customer satisfaction, the resorts' world-class amenities, and the hospitality and professionalism of the staff are a huge part of the reason why it has been challenging the overcrowded Cancun for the number one spot in Mexico.

Terrace Overlooking The Pacific Ocean In Los Cabos, Mexico

This fall, there is a chance it might, as its hotel zone continues to enjoy prestige worldwide, with six properties featuring on La Liste, a publication ranking the one-thousand very best hotels globally – The Waldorf Astoria, an icon of the El Pedregal district of Cabo San Lucas, even cracked the top two.

Cabo is home to the highest-charting, and thus best-reviewed hotel in the whole of Mexico.

A Regional Leader In Wellness

4 Reasons Why Travelers Are Flocking To Los Cabos Resorts This Year

First of all, Cabo has reached distinction for having the highest proportion of spas and well-being centers anywhere in Latin America, a testament to the city's successful branding as a wellness capital.

Unlike Cancun, Tulum, and other Riviera Maya spots that have made their fame as destinations for both accessible vacations and nightlife, Cabo authorities have pursued a drastically different path, investing more in high-end tourism, natural world experiences, and relaxation retreats.

While Cancun is by no means an affordable place to visit, what with its soaring cab rates and pricey restaurants, it is still more ‘for the masses' than Cabo, a more exclusive resort zone where chartering semi-private jets is becoming increasingly common among guests.

Young Man Practising Yoga At A Beach In Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Not only does it lead the wellness trend in Mexico, but it is notoriously luxurious, catering almost exclusively to big spenders or, the very least, middle-class families that have saved up a hefty sum and who are not reluctant to splurge on an all-inclusive vacay.

Cabo Is Worth Every Cent Spent

It is one of Mexico's best-developed development zones, with an average overnight rate of $600, but judging by the impressive stats coming from hospitality, it is clear Americans who deliberately choose the shockingly expensive Cabo are not overly worried about money.

Aerial View Of The Arco Of Los Cabos, A Natural Landmark Jutting Out Of The Pacific Ocean, Mexico

Or then, they are actively seeking to be treated like royalty for once when going on an international trip, as that is precisely what customers experience sojourning here.

Unlike other destinations in Europe, where prices are decreasing dramatically this fall, in response to a drop in demand, hotel owners and accommodation providers in Cabo have stated they will keep them ‘steady' not to devaluate Cabo as a luxury destination.

Perfect Weather

Cabo also boasts incredible weather year-round, and though more rain is generally expected between August and November, which would comprise the off-season, when tropical storms are more common, though sunny days are still plentiful.

Humidity is also considered ‘moderate', which makes sightseeing around the Capes more pleasant, especially when you're exploring marine parks or lounging by tropical beaches.

A view of Los Cabos in Mexico, the site of new luxury resorts

Another reason why Cabo is the perfect fall destination is the myriad of cultural events and activities taking place between September and November. As the Cabo Sun reported, September is the best time to visit Mexico as it is ‘the most Mexican of all months'.

This is due to the celebration of Mexican independence from Spain, declared on the 16th of September, 1810. While the date is already approaching, festivities often extend throughout the month, with the sound of mariachi music resonating and the irresistible smells of Mexican food filling the streets.

Learn more about Los Cabos' diverse tourist offer, including some hidden gems a short drive away from the resorts here.

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