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Why This Fascinating Asian Destination Is One Of The Trendiest In The World Right Now 

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Asia is not short of amazing destinations to visit, with megacities, postcard-perfect islands, historic sites, traditional villages, and everything else you could possibly ask for in an exotic destination. 

One Asian country that is trending with all kinds of travelers right now is South Korea, which has seen a recent boom in tourism from everyone from digital nomads, solo travelers, backpackers, luxury explorers, and everyone else. 

Beautiful Girl with Pink Leaves in Nami Island, South Korea. Autumn in korea.

While the country is a great destination in any weather, it’s the fall season when you can find some good deals, the summer crowds have gone home, and the weather is cooler with little rain, making it perfect for exploring.

No matter the season, a visit to this epic destination is a great idea for many reasons. South Korea's popularity is showing no signs of slowing down, so we suggest getting there sooner rather than later.

Namsan Tower and pavilion during the autumn leaves in Seoul, South Korea.

Here’s Why South Korea Is One Of The Trendiest Destinations Right Now: 

Stunning Nature  

As a country that is three-quarters surrounded by the sea and full of mountains and lush green hills, South Korea is absolutely stunning in any season. The natural beauty across this country leaves an impression on those who visit, and no matter the weather, nature really comes alive. 

The landscape here is diverse, with places such as Jeju Island being the country’s version of Hawaii. Korea’s oldest National Park, Jirisan, is a popular place to see some serious mountains, not to mention Asiatic black bears. 

In the spring, of course, the country is overtaken by the picturesque cherry blossoms, which draws trailers from all over looking for their perfect insta-worthy shots. But just as beautiful and not nearly as famous is the Pink Muhly Grass, which coats the countryside in the autumn months. Pink Muhly season is here🇰🇷READ CAPTION Pink muhly grass is known for its beautiful pink plumes and is a popular sight in South Korea during its blooming season. Here’s where and when you can see pink muhly in South Korea: BEST TIME to see 📌Mid September to End of October BEST PLACES to see 📌Olympic Park – Seoul 📌Haneul Park – Seoul 📌 Sky Garden – Incheon 📌 Cheomseongdae – Gyeongju 📌 Nari Park – Yangju 📌 Shin Soyang Sports Park – Hapcheon 📌 Herbs Dongsan Garden – Jeju 📌 Hueree Natural Park – Jeju #koreatravel #traveltips #seoul #seoulkorea #seoultravel #seoulwalker #welivetoexplore #seoullovers #fkrwl #전시회추천 #전시추천 #전시 #전시스타그럼 #전시회스타그램 #전시회관람 #서울데이트 #서울 #화담숲 #화담숲모노레일 #화담숲모노레일 #서울근교나들이 #단풍명소 #첨성대 ♬ оригинальный звук – From Korea with Love!

One Cool Capital

South Korea’s capital, Seoul, is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in the world, and for good reason. This is a city that really lives up to the neon-lit, people-packed, karaoke club-filled, and street food-laden vibe that you think of when you think of any Asian megacity. 

Despite its sprawling size, Seoul is considered to be one of the best destinations for solo travelers, thanks to an efficient transportation network and excellent safety rating. 

Skyscrapers aside, there are five stunning palaces, countless shrines and temples, many historic sites, museums, landmarks, traditional streets, and more to enjoy here. 

@ethoventures when asked when best to visit Korea, my answer will always start with fall ✨ Maybe this is your sign to visit Seoul during Autumn🍁 Would you love to explore Seoul in Autumn? 🎥: colorny, phingpit, rebecaigdal #koreatravel #explorekorea #autumnvibes #seoultravel #seoulkorea #koreatrip ♬ nhạc nền – Mê Phượt – Gà rán

Activities For Everyone  

There is more than enough to do on a visit to Korea for every kind of traveler, from surfing the beaches to hiking the mountains and everything in between. Don't forget to partake in some food tours to really get your palate experienced with the many dishes and flavors of this world-famous cuisine. 

Don’t miss visiting the numerous palaces, markets, historic sites, ancient villages, and UNESCO attractions as well. While group tours are plentiful, the country is easy enough to navigate that setting off on your own agenda is not too difficult as well. 

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Culture Packed  

One thing that travelers notice about South Korea is the blend of old and new cultures; this is a country that seems to seamlessly interweave the cultural traditions into its fast-paced lifestyle of today. 

This is a culture that values respect, and tourists need to keep this in mind when visiting. This adherence to respecting each other also means that during your visit, you should have little issues with haggling, scams, and personal safety. 

Korean culture is also famous around the world for its music scene (K-Pop of course!), which permeates many aspects of daily life. And you can't visit Korea without hitting up some karaoke clubs and showing off your skills on the mic. 

Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea

Endless Destinations To Explore

While Seoul is awesome, travelers should know that there is so much more to see in South Korea than just its colorful capital. This is a country full of diverse landscapes, from beaches to mountains, and countless villages, towns, and cities along the way. 

While most start in Seoul, don't skip the ancient capital coastal city of Gyeongju as well. Jeju Island is easily one of the country's most beautiful places and has even been declared one of the new seven wonders of the world. 

The cities of Suwon and Busan are also worth a visit, both offering something different. And of course, there are tea fields, national parks, and the Korean Demilitarized Zone to check out if you have more time to spend exploring this stunning country. 

a seaside view of Busan, South Korea

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