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Why This Iconic Country Is The Fastest Growing Destination In The World

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While some countries have been slow to recover in a post-pandemic world some have absolutely exploded in popularity.

And although Japan didn’t officially reopen its borders until this time last year, according to new stats, travel bookings to the country since 2019 have increased by a whopping 1,300%.

Why This Iconic Country Is The Fastest Growing Destination In The World

Tickets to Japan are hot property right now. Everyone wants to be in the land of the rising sun.

Here’s why this iconic country is the fastest-growing destination in the world:

Pop Culture

Japan has always had a reputation for its distinctive culture and unique traditions.

As the country has begun to export its culture around the world it has attracted more and more visitors keen to see it for themselves.

Pokemon center in Japan

Perhaps the biggest Japanese cultural hit is its pop culture and they have been exporting this for decades. This includes anime, manga, and video games. Many of our childhood favorites originated in Japan even if we didn’t realize it.

Fans of the Super Mario Bros can visit the original Super Mario World in Universal Studios Osaka. Like other Universal Studios worldwide you’ll also find a Harry Potter land here too.

Each of Japan’s main cities has its own Pokemon Center where fans of the Pokemon franchise can buy merchandise, trade cards, and immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon. The centers in Tokyo and Osaka both have themed cafes too.

colorful signs in Akihabara Tokyo Japan.

Fans of manga, anime, and video games should visit Akihabara Electric Town in the heart of Tokyo. This is a buzzing neon shopping hub that is famous for its electronic stores. It is also home to the Tokyo Anime Center and Radio Kaikan.

Diverse Destinations

In Japan no two cities are the same. They each have their own unique cultural identity.

Because there are so many different types of city experiences available in Japan the country is able to attract a wider audience of visitors.

Tokyo was recently crowned the fastest-growing digital nomad city, and it is also the largest city in the world.

What makes Tokyo so unique is that it seamlessly blends the new with the old. Historic buildings and temples sit alongside modern skyscrapers and innovative architecture. Tokyo honors its rich history while still looking to the future.

 Tourists at Dotonbori shopping street, Dotonbori is the famous destination for traveling and shopping in Osaka, Japan.

In 2.5 hours you can travel from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station. Osaka is a city with a more lively but laid-back attitude and it is known as Japan’s kitchen.

Foodies visiting Osaka should head straight to Dotonbori, which is packed full of restaurants and street food stalls. It is particularly busy in the evenings when people eat on the street under the bright neon lights.

Although eating on the street is generally frowned upon in Japan, Osaka is the exception to this rule!

Half an hour away from Osaka you will find Kyoto and although they are close the two cities are very different.


Visiting Kyoto feels like stepping back in time. Before being moved to Tokyo, Kyoto was Japan’s capital city and it is the heart of traditional Japanese culture.

Highlights of a visit to the city include a chance to see the iconic temples and shrines such as Kiyomizudera Temple an Kinkakuji. The nearby Arashiyama bamboo groves are also a popular tourist attraction.

Overtourism In Japan

When a country becomes as popular as Japan is right now, it brings problems such as overtourism.

And some parts of the country are struggling with overcrowding right now. But the good news is that the Japanese government has announced plans to introduce overtourism measures in the country.

Busy Pedestrian Crossing Amid Skyscrapers In Tokyo, Japan

This includes daily visitor number caps to some attractions and ticket-only access to others.

But these measures aren’t aimed to deter tourists. Instead they are being introduced to ensure tourists have a more pleasant and enjoyable experience in the country.

Handling overtourism in a way that still makes tourists feel welcomed and valued is another way that Japan is maintaining its rapid growth as a top tourist destination.

Visiting Japan Is Easy

Finally it’s important to note that visiting Japan is easy.

Though visitors are likely to experience a language barrier and a culture shock, Japan is incredibly clean and straightforward to get around on public transportation, and though the people are reserved they are welcoming.

Shinkansen or JR Bullet train running pass through Mt. Fuji and Shibazakura at spring. Super high speed train N700 can transit between Tokyo and Osaka.

When looking for a bin in Kyoto someone took my trash into their own home. When I couldn’t find my platform on the subway in Tokyo someone used Google Translate to point me in the right direction.

Visiting Japan feels like visiting the future, but in a good way. Everything runs smoothly and on time and systems that might be different to those you're used to make sense.

It’s easy to find familiarity in the unfamiliar and travelers are keen to return to the destination which also goes some way to explaining why tourism in Japan is growing so quickly.  

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