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Why This Lesser-Known Country Is The Next Trendy Tourist Destination In Latin America

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Travel has exploded in the last year and shows no signs of stopping. People are constantly on the lookout for the next trendy spot to visit so they can experience it before it’s too mainstream.

Luckily for travelers, the world is a big place! There will always be places to go that are more off-path, but there is one in Latin America you should visit soon before the secret is out – El Salvador.

A gorgeous country on the Pacific in Central America, El Salvador is attracting tourists from all over with its stunning beaches, affordable prices, welcoming people, and incredible landscapes.

But why should you travel to El Salvador now?

Aerial view of Mizata Resort

It’s Safe

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room. When I told family and friends we were heading to El Salvador, the very first question I was asked was whether or not it would be safe to visit.

The short answer? Yes.

As a tourist in El Salvador, you will be one of the safest people in the country. Tourism is heavily protected in the country, and if you are sticking to well-known tourist areas and guided tours you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

If you do venture a bit more off-the-beaten-path on your own, just be sure to follow general safety advice as you would anywhere else while traveling and you will be fine.

The State Department currently has El Salvador listed as a Level 3: Reconsider Travel country due to crime. However, all the crime listed rarely affects tourists, and travelers looking to vacation in the country have nothing to worry about.

La Libertad Beach in El Salvador

Off Path Yet Welcoming

While El Salvador may not be the first place to come to mind when you think about a tropical vacation, you should definitely move it up your mental list of places to go.

It is off-path enough that it feels like you are going on an epic and unique adventure (you are) but welcoming and accessible enough that you will feel right at home enjoying the black-sand beaches of this gorgeous slice of Central America.

Woman in pool looking at cliff in El Salvador

Incredible Stays

Speaking of welcoming, we recently stayed at MIZATA in La Libertad and could not have asked for a more incredible experience. From the moment you step foot on the property you feel welcome and like you can let all your worries melt away.

Check-in was a breeze and we were quickly whisked away to our incredible Treehouse, where we instantly fell in love with El Salvador’s coast. Looking out over the balcony was an experience all on its own, and seeing the mist of the ocean collide with the cliffs to our left at sunset made it feel like we were living in a movie.

@traveloffpath No better way to wake up than with a view like this 😍 .#travel #elsalvador #antiresort #mizata #resort #visitmizata #adventure ♬ Daydreams – Gentle State

Aside from the incredible room, having the NAWI Beach House right next door made it so easy to enjoy drinks by the pool, eat delicious food, and enjoy the music at night. When we felt like exploring, MIZATA had an activities board that we could reference to see what kinds of adventures we could have.

We highly suggest surfing, horseback riding, and checking out the Tamanique Waterfalls. If you’ve never been surfing or riding, don’t worry; MIZATA has people who can teach you how to do both!

@traveloffpath This is one of the best places to stay in El Salvador hands down! . #elsalvador #travel #antiresort #mizata #surfing #horsebackriding #resort ♬ original sound – Travel Off Path


Getting to El Salvador is easier than ever. As the destination continues to grow in popularity, more direct flights will surely follow.

Currently, Americans can fly nonstop to San Salvador from 15 U.S. cities.

Stunning Beaches & Incredible Activities

El Salvador isn’t the biggest country, but it still boasts nearly 200 miles of coastline! Along the coast you can find gorgeous beach after gorgeous beach.

You can’t drive too far along the coast without stumbling upon another stunning stretch of sand, but our favorite was definitely Playa Mizata since it was right outside our room at our resort. The volcanic sand is absolutely gorgeous during sunset, and the waves are perfect for surfing.

An aerial view directly above the shoreline of the Costa del Sol beach in La Paz, El Salvador

Surfing with MIZATA

We booked a lesson through MIZATA, and it was our first time ever trying to surf. Our instructor was fantastic and we were able to stand up on our first lesson!

The waves right next to the resort are perfect for new surfers, and it feels amazing to get out in the water.

@traveloffpath 1st lesson ever and we were able to get up at MIZATA resort! . #mizata #elsalvador #travel #surfing #adventure ♬ Enjoy the Moment – Howz

Horseback Riding with MIZATA

One of our favorite activities we were able to book through MIZATA was definitely the horseback ride. We were able to mount up right at the resort and ride around the area to take everything in from a unique perspective.

Our horses were super responsive, and you could tell they enjoyed the ride just as much as we did!

If riding isn’t your thing but you still want to test it out, you can take an easy ride down the beach while your horse is on a lead. Once you get to the end you can pause to get the perfect shot for your followers.

@traveloffpath The absolute best way to explore El Salvador is on horseback! . #mizata #resort #travel #visitmizata #antiresort #elsalvador ♬ Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay

ATV Adventures

El Salvador is beautiful at every turn. Yes, the ocean and the beaches are amazing, but so is the rest of the country!

Heading further inland will offer travelers another chance to see just how gorgeous El Salvador truly is.

For a really fun way to take it all in, we booked an ATV day trip through MIZATA. The ride to get there was only about 25 minutes, and then we were zipping through the mountain on our ATVs in no time.

@traveloffpath El Salvador is more than just it’s beaches (even though they are awesome too!). ATV adventures are the perfect way to explore . #visitmizata #mizata #travel #elsalvador #atv #tamanique ♬ Soy Salvadoreño – Los Hermanos Flores

Tamanique Waterfalls

Like to hike? This is the excursion for you.

Once again, this amazing day was booked right at MIZATA and we were able to enjoy it without having to plan anything ourselves.

Make sure you wear your hiking shoes and bring a swimsuit because you will be scaling a mountain and getting wet.

The hike down to the waterfalls is gorgeous by itself, but just wait until you see the falls!

The water is refreshing and you’ll be glad you made the hike when you look back at your amazing pictures later on.

Once you’ve enjoyed cooling off a bit, don’t forget to get a couple of cliff jumps in before heading back!

@traveloffpath The perfect adventure during our stay at MIZATA 🤩 . #visitmizata #mizata #travel #waterfall #hiking #adventure #elsalvador ♬ I Don't Like It, I Love It (feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine White) – Flo Rida

Don’t Miss Out

For many, the secret is already out — El Salvador is an incredible place to visit. And more than that, MIZATA is one of the best places you can stay!

Don’t miss the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime before this lesser-known country becomes the next tourist hotspot.

**Travel Off Path was a guest of MIZATA, who helped with the creation of this itinerary by hosting some of our accommodations and attractions. Our opinions, recommendations, and suggestions remain our own.**

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Wednesday 27th of September 2023

Absolutely agree. Went there 2 years ago for 10 days and when we scheduled it, had the same reaction from family, friends, and coworkers. Is it safe? What about the crime and gangs? Not an issue. As you said, that kind of stuff stays in its own areas, just like most other countries, and tourists aren't impacted. Spent the first three days in San Salvador in the zona Rosa, going on day trips into downtown for food and shopping as well as up into the mountains and the rainbow slide. Everywhere we went there was security and military presence to make sure that everyone, especially tourists, are safe. Took a day trip to the charming little town of Suchitoto, hiked the Santa Ana volcano, stayed in one of the towns on the route of flowers and went ziplining, and then spent our last few days at an Airbnb near La libertad. Absolutely amazing trip, friendly people, and reasonable prices. If you want a vacation where you feel like you're waited on hand and foot and have the beaches pretty much to yourself, this is it.