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Why This Mexican Oasis Is Ideal For Solo Female Travelers

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Due in part to its proximity to the U.S. and daily affordable flights, Mexico continues to be one of the most visited destinations throughout the year for American tourists. 

Mexico always appears to be doing something right, from its secluded beaches and friendly locals to the variety of cultures waiting to be unearthed. It’s a haven for families, solo travelers, and nomads looking for a sunny escape and a little relaxation. 

Solo travelers have one thing on their mind most of the time before planning their life-changing escapades: safety. But with a history of ups and downs, how do those traveling alone choose the right area?

Woman sitting on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

In the past, Playa Del Carmen has broken numerous records in the tourism world and is considered one of the most-visited destinations this year! A perfect starting point for any solo wanderer, here are a few reasons why it’s ideal:

Increased Safety

While petty theft and crimes against tourists can happen worldwide, it’s always important to stay on top of it by knowing what to expect in the country you’re visiting.

Throughout Mexico, some of the most common scams are hiding in plain sight. ‘Fake police,’ passport theft, and taxi scams — always remain diligent when visiting a new country.

playa del carmen beaches

Due to its increase in visitors over the years and the influx of solo travelers looking for a slice of paradise, security measures have increased around the country – and especially in Playa Del Carmen.

As a solo traveler myself, I can’t stress how relieving it can be to see police patrolling local towns and cities. There’s a certain ease about knowing there’ll always be someone there to help, especially when traveling by yourself.

city playa del carmen

Welcoming Hostel Culture

Of course Mexico is full of beach-front resorts, all-inclusive luxuries, and towering hotels, but if you want to save a pretty penny, hostels are always the way to go!

Once a sleepy beach town, Playa Del Carmen is now buzzing with the energy of solo travelers looking to get out, explore, meet new people, and try the local cuisines. Many of the hostels in the area can be found for under $25 a night (that’s a bargain!).

Luckily for the solo adventurers, most of these accommodations are in convenient locations, with access to all the restaurants, bars, and beaches (so safety won’t have to be an issue when wandering around alone).

Aerial view of resort in Mexico

Che Playa Hostel is known as being one of the best party spots in Playa Del Carmen and is actually top-rated too for solo travelers. 

Offering private or shared accommodations, the hostel also hosts an array of activities for visitors to explore the best of Playa (and allows solo travelers a chance to meet others too).

“Loved this place! The workers make the atmosphere amazing.” If you read a couple of reviews like this, you know you’ve found yourself a winner. An important aspect of solo traveling is being able to find a place that feels like home, and a few hostels here certainly make that happen.

Crowded Beach In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Adventure Tours Galore

What better way to meet fellow travelers than booking a spontaneous day trip? The first thing I ALWAYS do when I land in a new place is to book a walking tour or activity. More often than not, you’ll leave the trip with a new sense of adventure and a couple of new friends!

Cenotes, National Parks, and ATV rides- take your pick! Many travelers make a visit to the magical park that is Xcaret. Grab your new solo travel buddies and admire the vibrant marine life down below, or enjoy a cocktail with waterfront views. 

There are so many activities to choose from, which all cater to individual traveler needs and ensure you’ll meet someone along the way!

People walking in Playa del Carmen

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