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Why This Sunny U.S. State Makes For The Perfect Winter Getaway

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When winter comes, many of us start to dream of faraway destinations and sunny locations.

While there are more than enough destinations that tick these boxes in Latin America and the Caribbean, there are many places stateside where you can have a great winter vacation as well, with one sunny U.S. state in particular.

Aerial view above Paradise Valley, Arizona looking SW at Camelback Mountain on a cool winter December morning

Arizona is one state that is a great winter holiday spot, it’s warm and sunny in parts, and snowy and cozy in others.

The diversity of the state's landscapes and climate is a huge bonus, meaning it offers something for everyone. 

Phoenix, Arizona, USA downtown cityscape at dusk.

You can enjoy wineries and the outdoors, or spas and hiking, but there is more than enough to do no matter the weather. 

It’s also easily connected with more and more flights to other major U.S. cities.

Aside from Sedona, Flagstaff, and other beautiful destinations, there is of course the Grand Canyon to enjoy, a stunner in any weather. 

@clemfive Snowing Grand Canyon is in a new level. #fyp #nature #america #grandcanyon ♬ original sound – Ian Asher

Here's Why Arizona Makes A Perfect Winter Getaway: 

Weather For Everyone To Enjoy  

Heading to Arizona in the winter is no secret, just ask any snowbird from up north, who has likely been flocking to this state for years to escape their hometown's harsh winters.

When most visit in the winter, they head to the south of the state, where the average winter highs are in the 70s, and there are over 350 days of sunshine throughout the year. 

In the southern part of the state, such as Phoenix, Tucson, or Yuma, you can hike in the sun-soaked cacti regions, and golf, tan, or just lounge your day away in the sun.

But there is also another side to Arizona in the winter, and that’s in the northern region, where places such as Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon can and do get nearly buried in snowstorms.

While this might make driving a bit hard at times, if you prepared for them they do offer some cozy adventures and epic natural views.

A young girl sits with her back to the camera in the central part in Wave Canyon, North Coyote Buttes, Arizona, USA

Beautiful Scenery  

As one of the largest states in the country, Arizona has over 100,000 square miles of stunning views, with everything from deserts, mountains, canyons, and beautiful towns and cities.

Some places might be more famous than others, but make sure to check out some underrated gems scattered around the state as well. Always keep your eye on the forecast so you don’t get stranded anywhere if a storm rolls in. 

With places such as Saguaro National Park, Sedona, Page (and the famous Antelope Canyon), The Petrified Forest National Park, Flagstaff, Jerome, and others to visit, there are more than enough places to come enjoy the vast array of scenery in the winter months. 

@katharinemehle This is your sign to go to Arizona🏜 #arizona #fyp #foryou #az ♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

Endless Activities  

In the south, it’s hiking, golfing, relaxing at a spa, or tanning by the pool that many enjoy in the winter months.

However, there are also many holiday things to see and do, such as the Phoenix Zoo’s popular ZooLights or Tucson’s Winterhaven Festival of Lights. 

Of course, those who head to the snowy areas enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, and every other fun in the snow activity you can think of. A visit to the Grand Canyon is a great idea; just keep an eye on the weather.

It can be unpredictable and the roads can become impassable, but the views of this wonder dusted in snow will be worth the extra planning. 

@marissag416 My favorite place to be during winter is out west 🫶🏻❄️ #arizona #winter #snow #christmasinjuly #roadtrip #mountains #travel ♬ Victory – Adrian Berenguer

Location Location Location  

Arizona is well located to visit other great winter destinations in the American Southwest as well.

Places such as New Mexico, Southern California, Las Vegas, and further beyond are all within easy reach via some epic road trips.

Or you could head down to Mexico and enjoy winter from one of the beaches of Baja California or a mystical Magic Town

Flights to and from Arizona are frequent and can be cheap if you watch them ahead of time. Phoenix is the most common place to fly into, but Flagstaff and Tucson are also other options. 

@welcometoarizona Woke up to a winter wonderland in Sedona 😍❄️☃️ Locals are calling it the biggest snowfall in years! We hope everyone is staying safe and warm! #fyp #arizona #arizonacheck #sedona #snowday #babyitscoldoutside #snowfall #foryou #tiktoktravel ♬ original sound – welcometoarizona

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Saturday 4th of November 2023

+1 to all of the other comments. No one wants you here.


Saturday 4th of November 2023

Please don't come here to winter. We have enough already.


Thursday 2nd of November 2023

Arizona is already getting overcrowded as it is with everyone from California and the snow birds. We really don't need any more tourism for now.

Kurt vonMeding

Sunday 12th of November 2023

@ALEX, You're right about the crowding. Maybe we should ask Biden tho stop illegal immigration, and stop clearing whole hotels so that illegals can be cozy while Americans are sleeping under bridges?


Thursday 2nd of November 2023

My grandparents went to Phoenix for Winter and their car got stolen the first year and they got a disease that only lives in Arizona called valley fever. AZ killed my grandparents which is why I love my Michigan.


Wednesday 1st of November 2023

You are forgetting to mention all the snowbird that come from up North. They cause all kinds of craziness when they are here, especially on the roads. Heck there is HUGE communities for them all over Phoenix and Tucson. Yes, it might be warmer that the North, you are fighting others from the North.


Thursday 2nd of November 2023

@Nik, oh and I forgot to mention…the water shortage problem that our governors still haven’t resolved. But…developers keep building homes encouraging hundreds more people to move in.


Thursday 2nd of November 2023

@Nik, I agree. Wish people wouldn’t write articles like this. In the 10 years I’ve lived in Surprise every winter the area gets too crowded you can’t get into restaurants, Drs or vet. We also have seen such an influx of people moving in the last few years it’s so crowded the streets are starting to look like California. It’s hard to get into Doctors now too, and veterinarians to get care for your pet.