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Why This Trending Central American Country Is Perfect For Solo Travelers

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Are you looking for a great destination for your next solo trip?

With solo travel growing more and more in popularity, travelers are setting off on their own in record numbers rather than putting their travel dreams on hold.

Costa Rica is the fastest-growing destination in the world right now, and it's perfect for a solo trip. Here's what makes this Central American country ideal for solo travelers:

Woman on the Beach in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Is Trending Right Now

According to data from ForwardKeys, Costa Rica is the number one fastest-growing destination in the world right now. The country has seen a 19% increase in tourism in 2023 compared to its pre-pandemic record high in 2019.

More and more travelers are flocking to Costa Rica because of its beautiful beaches, lush jungles, scenic waterfalls, amazing biodiversity and wildlife, and emphasis on health and wellness.

Ziplining in Costa Rica

What this means is that as a solo traveler, you won't be alone in Costa Rica since it's becoming so popular. In fact, solo travel is the top travel trend of the year, so you're likely to meet many other solo travelers doing the same thing as you in Costa Rica.

Safest Country In Latin America

Costa Rica holds the distinction of being the safest country in all of Latin America, which is great news for solo travelers, especially solo female travelers with safety concerns.

Young Female Tourist With A Backpack Watching A Waterfall In A Natural Setting, Costa Rica, Central America

This Central American country tops the list of the safest countries in Latin America because of its low levels of crime and violence and high levels of peace and security.

Costa Rica ranks 38 on the Global Peace Index’s ranking of 163 countries. (For reference, the U.S. currently ranks much lower in safety at 129.)

Fun fact: Costa Rica is even one of the few countries in the world without a standing army — it was abolished in 1949! Thanks to Costa Rica's low levels of crime, high levels of safety, and laidback “pura vida” lifestyle, solo travelers have nothing to worry about.

sloth in costa rica

Easy To Meet Other Travelers

One thing that's unique in Costa Rica is that there are so many ways to meet other travelers, so you don't have to worry about being lonely on your own. There are tons of ways to meet some travel buddies you can share your adventures within Costa Rica.

The country has the best-developed tourism infrastructure in Central America, so you can easily join group activities like whitewater rafting, surf lessons, canyoning, hikes, and ziplining. This can be a great way to meet other travelers.

Young woman hiker stands in the tropical lush forest and looks at the trees. Tilt shift effect applied on the edges

Costa Rica is also known as a health and wellness retreat destination. So sign up for a multi-day yoga or meditation retreat, and you are bound to meet other like-minded travelers.

Great For Digital Nomads

Many solo travelers are also working remotely as they travel. 2023 has seen an increase in the number of digital nomads around the world, and Costa Rica is a major hub for these remote workers.

Woman In An Infinity Pool In A Rainforest In Costa Rica, Central America, Latin America

Costa Rica also ranks highly on the list of best “workcation” destinations in the world. A workcation combines a traditional vacation (say, for one week) with an additional week or two of working remotely from your vacation destination. This allows you to extend the amount of time you spend abroad while still working your job back home.

Costa Rica is an awesome destination for digital nomads because it's more affordable than the U.S. and has a variety of digital nomad hotspots where you take a surf lesson in the morning, work during the day, and then watch a sunset on the beach in the evening.

Digital Nomad Working Outside In A Green Environment, Unspecified Location

There are also tons of co-working spaces, digital nomad-friendly cafes and coffee shops, and even hostels and co-living spaces targeted at digital nomads in Costa Rica.

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