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Why This Type Of Travel Continues To Be The Biggest Trend For 2024

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Earlier this month, Allianz released its 2024 Travel Forecast. To no surprise, one trend continues to stand out the most.

Travelers have learned a lot over the past few years, especially that all the fun can be taken away in an instant.

female solo traveler at thai temple

Now that we are well past checking countries' entry requirements, travelers are doing their part in breaking tourism records all over the map.

But one particular type of travel continues to be the biggest trend of all. That is flying solo.

Packing up your bags and venturing into the unknown has become crazy popular. If we're really honest with ourselves about how the world has taken shape, it's easy to see why.

Focus On Overall Health

According to Allianz, over half of travelers aged 18-34 are focusing on self-care, with 42% of those travelers planning a trip alone this year.

male solo traveler on spanish island

Self-care and solo trips are going hand in hand nowadays. There are still some haters out there who give their two cents on solo travelers with unwanted input such as, “aren't you going to be lonely?”, “don't your friends want to go with you?”, and the classic, “What are you running from?”.

Travelers are turning a blind eye to the haters and coming back home lighter, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Whether it's solitude in a cabin in the woods, a yoga retreat, or getting lost in the crowds of cultural cities, personal growth is hot right now – whatever that means to you.

Not Just Backpackers Anymore

female solo traveler at airport

For years, ‘backpacking' has been a common travel trend intertwining with ‘solo travel', but the trend has evolved.

Solo travel is no longer smelly hippies who stuff all their possessions into an obnoxiously sized backpack.

The trend is wide-ranging, full of people who simply want to discover the wonders of the world without relying on anyone else for company and being on someone else's schedule.

How many times have we asked someone to go out or take a trip and gotten the “sorry, I'm busy” response?

female solo traveler in japan

Does that mean we have to put our lives on hold? Travelers of all demographics are taking the reigns and braving the world on their own.

Embracing Individuality

According to a study conducted by Road Scholar, more married women are traveling alone without their spouses.

Reasons vary, but the bottom line is solo travelers are embracing their individuality. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you have to agree on everything, and that includes vacations.

middle aged man traveling alone

One partner may prefer cruises, while the other wants a golf trip. The same goes for age. Why should a number stop us from living our dreams?

Society tends to tell us we're ‘too this' or ‘too that', but those tend to be the type of people who stay in their bubble.

While the road can age us quickly, solo travel isn't just for the younger generation any longer. More travelers nearing the age to cash in on Social Security benefits are jetting off on their own as well.

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

digital nomad at cafe

Remote workers have taken advantage of not having to report to a physical location. For frequent travelers, it's a dream lifestyle where some sacrifice pay for overall happiness.

These digital nomads often take on this lifestyle alone and hop around from destination to destination until visas expire or they're simply craving a new spot to call their temporary home.

Much to the chagrin of many stubborn bosses, digital nomads are winning the fight for remote work settings.

Just look around at the “For Rent” signs at your local office buildings. When you can simply pack up your basic necessities, a laptop and passport, who wouldn't at least give it a whirl?

digital nomad at outdoor cafe

While there are definitely downsides to this lifestyle, those who give it their all and go full bore see it as one of the most productive ways to see the world.

Essentially, getting paid to travel doesn't sound like a bad gig, right?

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