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Why This UK City Is One Of My Favorite Destinations As A Solo Female Traveler

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Are you planning a solo trip soon and wondering where to visit? If you’re looking at the staple beach destinations everyone seems to visit, maybe it’s time for a city vibe. 

Last year, I backpacked Europe for 5 weeks, visiting 10 countries. What was a favorite of mine for solo travel?


Scotland’s charming, hilly capital is compact enough for solo travelers yet large enough to explore all its nooks and crannies. 


Towering over the city sits Edinburgh Castle, and the cobblestone streets are just as beautiful in the rain.

The city’s Old and New Towns offer enough diversity for tourists never to get bored and an abundance of restaurants and pubs to experience Scottish charm at its finest. 

There’s certainly a magical allure about Edinburgh: and it’s not just the fact that it looks like a village straight out of a Harry Potter novel.

With its chattery locals and variety of things to experience for all ages, it’s definitely a good spot for solo travelers.

scotland views by night

Scottish Charm

You walk into a pub alone and leave with about 10 new friends. As with the Irish, the Scots are extremely friendly people to all. If you understand their banter, you’ll fit right in. 

I stayed in Edinburgh for 5 days as a solo traveler and left the city feeling welcomed by everyone! There’s always a session happening in any of the local pubs or people waiting to help you out with recommendations.

Walk into a pub that’s having a Scottish night, and I guarantee you’ll meet at least one person worth chatting with.

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scottish bagpipe player

During my tour to the highlands, our kilt-wearing tour guide became friends with all of us visitors on board. When I say you’ll feel like part of the family, I truly mean it.

There wasn’t one time I felt ‘alone’ during my solo travels here, thanks to the friendly nature of those I met. 

You’ll Never Get Bored

For such a compact city, Edinburgh certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of things to do. If you’re looking to make friends quickly, join one of the infamous bar crawls around the city for a good time and amazing people (the tour guides even wear kilts during some!)

church in scotland

There’s also a variety of walking tours you can choose during your stay. I joined a few free walking tours (meaning you pay what you want at the end).

The classic city walking tour takes you to a few must-see spots, such as Greyfriars Kirkyard and to some of the hidden closes (side alleyways). I also joined the Harry Potter walking tour, which is a must if you’re a fan like me!

To get out for the day, I also booked a full-day tour to the Highlands and returned in the evening to do a haunted Night Bus tour.

With so many options for day trips, distillery tours, train journeys, and restaurants to see and visit in the city, you’ll never get bored here as a solo traveler. 

Circus Lane, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hostel Culture

Hundreds of travelers venture to Scotland each year in search of picturesque landscapes and quaint cities.

Whether you visit in the summer for the Fringe Festival season or in the winter for the Christmas markets, there will always be solo travelers around. 

With a few well-rated hostels dotted around the city, there’s a variety of options in Edinburgh for those traveling alone.

I had a good time staying at Kickass Greyfriars in the Old Town, which hosted weekly events for travelers to meet and had a buzzing beer garden out back.

man taking picture of highland castle

There are many other options, depending on what you’re looking for, that also have a lot to offer solo travelers.

A friend I had met on the Highland tour was staying at another local hostel that held weekly bar crawls around the city: so there will be a chance to meet others!

Edinburgh Skyline

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Bill Cleghorn

Saturday 22nd of July 2023

Totally agree! Edinburg is my favorite place to visit and I really enjoyed it better than London, Paris, Moscow, Helsinki, Amsterdam, etc... But I am of Scottish heritage so I may be a bit biased... Friendly city with incredible history to explore and offers many tour options to match your particular interests...I am a castles, cemeteries, churches, abbeys, monuments kind of guy and Edinburg meets all those areas... Lots of shopping and dining options as well, highly recommend Edinburgh to any traveler...

Connie Yeats

Friday 21st of July 2023

Against my best instincts I went on the haunted bus tour and I was absolutely terrified, so much so that I cannot now board a bus without seeking reassurance from the driver that his (or her [and their in the case of gender fluid drivers]) bus is not haunted. I have written to bus operators in my local area (Eugene, Oregon) asking that they display a certificate on each bus guaranteeing that the vehicle is not haunted, but am still waiting for a response from them. I can confirm that sone (but not all) drivers are very caring when I ask about the level of haunting on their route.