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Why You Should Book Your Last Night Of Vacation Near The Airport

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No matter how many times you’ve been to the airport, the worry that you aren’t leaving early enough never seems to fade. It’s a shame to end a relaxing vacation by stressing about making it home. What if there is traffic? What if your transportation doesn’t show up? What if the airport is way busier than usual?

All of the unknowns add up, and we naturally worry. However, there is a way to lessen the stress. A new trend among stress-conscious travelers is emerging, and it might just be the best way to end a vacation. By booking the last night of your vacation at a hotel near (or in) the airport, you greatly diminish the stress that comes along with making the trek back home.

Here are 5 reasons why you should book your last night of vacation near the airport:

Woman looking at her phone while resting hand on suitcase

You’ll Avoid Traffic Problems

If you’ve been plugged into the news lately, you probably know that traffic around Cancun’s airport has been crazy lately. Travelers headed to the airport last week got so desperate they began to ditch their taxis to finish the route on foot in an attempt to make it to their flights on time. While this is an extreme example, traffic can be a serious cause for concern when trying to make it to the airport on time. By booking your last night near the airport, you’ll cut down on the chance that traffic will make you miss your flight home.

Heavy traffic in a city

You’ll Already Be Packed

We’ve all been there. Frantically jamming everything we can into our bags while the clock mocks us from across the room as we try to get out the door to the airport on time. Somehow it always seems more difficult to pack everything up when vacation is ending than it did before it started. If you opt to spend your last night of vacation in a hotel near the airport, you’ll be able to pack stress-free.

You’ll be far less likely to accidentally leave anything behind, and you’ll be able to enjoy the process more while you think about how great of a vacation you just had. As a bonus, you’ll already be packed and ready to roll the next day before your flight, as you only need to set aside the essentials for the next day’s travels.

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Transportation Is Often Included

Many hotels around the airport will include free airport shuttles as part of their nightly rate. Not only does this save you money, but it also takes the stress out of figuring out how you will get to the airport. Now you don’t have to shell out way too much money for a taxi, and you don’t have to coordinate anything. Just make sure to ask the concierge what schedule the shuttle follows, as it can vary from property to property. Most hotels will have a shuttle run at least twice per hour, starting well before the first flights of the day.

Travelers giving luggage to an airport shuttle driver

You’ll Save Money On Accommodation

Spending the last night of vacation in a hotel closer to the airport will likely save you money on accommodation, depending on your vacation type. If you just spent a week at a beachfront resort, the airport near the hotel will undoubtedly be cheaper. To maximize your time at the nice resort, ask if the front desk can hold on to your luggage after checkout and see if they will allow you to enjoy the grounds until later in the afternoon before heading off to your airport hotel. Many properties are more than happy to provide this service, and you still enjoy the property without paying for another night.

A family of three checks in at a hotel with a day pass

Transportation Is More Dependable

Staying near the airport guarantees you’ll be able to find a way there more efficiently and affordably. In bigger cities, this can equate to quite a bit of saving.


Author’s Anectode

I traveled to London in November and stayed in Canary Wharf. To get home, I planned to take the first flight out of Heathrow in the morning to avoid delays. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done enough homework, because in order to be at the airport 2 hours before my flight, my only option was a taxi. The first tube stop of the day I could take to begin the journey to the airport was far too late in the morning to be sure I would make my flight.

If I had been able to take the tube, the trip would have cost about $15, and instead, I had to pay for a taxi that cost me over $100. Had I booked a hotel closer to the airport, I’d have saved myself some money and been able to sleep in a bit more.

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Matthew E

Saturday 7th of January 2023

This is something I did for the first time recently, and the only regret I have is not doing it sooner. Benito Juarez International (MEX) has a Hilton inside of Terminal 1, something you see in a lot of airports these days. I had an early flight out and opted to stay there. Fantastic idea. No early-morning fuss with the subway, plenty of food choices, and a piano bar overlooking the active runway. Very cool.

Al LeFeusch

Friday 6th of January 2023

Also, having a hotel hold your luggage for you is a great way to get things stolen. Better choice: pack light and use a backpack that you don't mind keeping with you at all times.

Al LeFeusch

Friday 6th of January 2023

I think one needs to evaluate the situation first. It depends where the airport is, what kind of services are available-- especially food. I made the terrible mistake of staying at an airport hotel near Madrid Barajas airport on my last night and it was a poor choice. The hotel was only about a 10-minute shuttle ride away and offered a free shuttle but the food options at that hotel and every other within walking distance were atrocious, so i went to bed hungry. Furthermore, the shuttle driver was late and made two random stops, making the drive time equal to what it would have been to take the train from the city center. It's not always this way. Some cities have great airport hotels. But, do your research first.

Steve M.

Saturday 31st of December 2022

Except for home based departures, we always allow 1 to 2 days between positioning flights. Example. YYZ to LHR,then,Gatwick to TSF. Always at least a day or two in between. Stay at an airport hotel booked months in advance. Same on return flights home. Takes away a lot of stress.


Saturday 31st of December 2022

After a lifetime of business travel, that's what I usually do. So many things can go wrong.

Friday I'll be at the Hilton Rome airport. 5 minutes walk from the hotel to security. No stress.

Who says a taxi will even come? If you miss your flight it will only cost a small fortune.