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Miracle at Sea – Woman Survives 10 Hours in Ocean After Falling Off Cruise Ship

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It's a miracle a British woman is alive after falling off the Norwegian Star cruise ship into the Adriatic sea. She survived in open water without a life vest for over 10 hours before being rescued by the coast guard. 

The woman was identified as 46 year old Kay Longstaff who had been traveling with her boyfriend. At approximately 11:45 pm Longstaff was reported to have fallen from Cruise ship which was captured by CCTV.  

Once the woman had been reported as missing, the cruise ship circled around and was joined by the Croatia coast guard to join in the search party. After 10 long hours, Longstaff was found alive,  suffering from hypothermia and in stable condition. 

Woman Survives 10 hours in ocean after falling off crusie ship
Credit AFP
Credit: AFP

“I fell off the back of the Norwegian Star and I was in the water for 10 hours. So these wonderful guys rescued me, I’m lucky to be alive,” Kay Longstaff

There were no signs of foul play as she was alone when she reportedly fell. One of the rescuers revealed how Kay told them she survived in the water for 10 hours. “She said the fact she practices yoga helped her as she was fit. And she said she was singing to not feel cold in the sea overnight.”

It has been reported by an Italian source that Kay, a flight attendant from England had been drinking and quarreling with her partner. Officials has spoke with the woman's partner when it arrived in Venice. “We have seen the footage and are happy that there was no foul play involved.” The partner is not under investigation in the matter. 

“The footage has been viewed and she was on her own when she fell. She was not pushed. The theory that we are working on is that she most likely jumped.” said officials

A passenger also told the Sun Online “She didn't fall off, she jumped off. She took her kit off and jumped off the side of the ship.”


Where Longstaff Fell From Ship - Twitter
Norwegian Star
The Norwegian Star

Kay was only wearing cut off shorts and a tank top when she plunged into the 20C water. After being rescued she was taken to Pula hospital where she was monitored and then released with no injuries. 

Source: The Sun UK