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Bali Pizza – How To Get Delivery & The Best Pizza Places

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There is nothing better than a hot cheesy Bali pizza fresh from a wood fired oven. With pizza being one of the worlds favorite foods it's no surprise that the tourist mecca of Bali has many great pizza restaurants and pizza delivery. Getting your Bali pizza fix isn't hard if you know where to look and who to call. We put this guide together so that ordering pizza delivery and finding the top pizza places in Bali is a breeze. 

How To Get Bali Pizza Delivery

Wherever you are in the tourists zones of Bali there is always a pizza restaurant or pizza delivery nearby. Seems easy enough to pick up the phone and call a pizza place right? That isn't always the case we quickly found out.

Below are the easiest ways to order Bali pizza delivery: 

1) Download the Go-Jek app for Android or Apple

Go-Jek is widely used for scooter transportation and food delivery in Bali. They have a wide variety of services like grocery delivery and massage right to your villa or hotel room. 

Note* You will need a working mobile number.  It does not need to be a local number but to save on roaming charges, consider buying a local sim card as they are cheap and readily available. You will need an unlocked phone in order to do so. 

2. Domino's Pizza is in Bali! You can order online using their website. When ordering delivery you can type in a hotel name like “Sun Island Seminyakfor example or an address. 

3. Ask someone who speaks Indonesian such as your hotel front desk or villa operator to place the order for you. Orders can easily be lost or mistaken in translation when you try to place it on your own. Some pizza places in Bali do have people that speak english fluently but don't expect it. 

Bali Pizza

Below is the list of best pizza places in Bali according to a combination of Trip Advisor and Google Reviews. 

Best Pizza Delivery Canggu

Best Pizza Delivery Seminyak

Best Pizza Delivery Kuta

Best Pizza Delivery Legian

Best Pizza Delivery Sanur

The Best Bali Pizza Lunch Deal and Great for People Watching!

Vi Ai Pi sits right in the middle of all the action in Kuta, Bali. We visited for lunch on multiple  occasions when we were staying at the White Rose Hotel which is about a block away. Vi Ai Pi is very different depending on what time of day you visit. During the day it has this perfect patio overlooking the crazy busy Legian street that is great spot for lunch. It's also right beside the beautiful memorial dedicated to all those that lost their lives in the 2002 Bali bombings

You will be entertained by the troves of different people walking up and down the street and watching the chef prepare pizza in the wood fired stone oven. Music is at a decent level that you can have a conversation and the service was fast on all four occasions we visited. 

The best part is the price. Keep in mind that this restaurant is right in all the middle of the action! You can get a large thin crust pizza and a pop for only 65,000 IDR ($4.50 usd). If you want to add on a glass of wine it's only 35,000 IDR ($2.40 usd) a glass! For those of you that have been to Bali that is a steal for wine as alcohol is NOT cheap in Bali.

Try Vi Ai Pi out for a pizza lunch but we suggest to share one pizza! They are huge for just one person. For more insider tips on traveling in Bali see our Bali Travel Guide.

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