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World’s Most Popular Cities Revealed as International Travel Skyrockets

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In the last decade, the number of international overnight visitors has grown by 76% globally. 

For the fourth consecutive year, Bangkok has taken the crown of being the most popular city in the world. In 2018, the Thailand capital welcomed 22.78 million international overnight visitors and is expected to grow in 2019 by 3.34%. Tourism accounts for 12% of the Thai economy. 

While there has been significant movement in visitors to smaller cities, the top 10 has remained largely consistent. Cities in the Asia-Pacific region have seen the largest increase in international travelers since 2009, growing 9.4 percent.


Top 10 Cities with the Most International Overnight Visitors

10.  Antalya – 12.41 million 


9. Tokyo – 12.93 million

8. Instanbul 13.40 million


7. New York – 13.6 million

New York

6. Kuala Lumpur – 13.75 million

kuala lumpur

5. Singapore – 14.67 million


4. Dubai – 15.93 million

dubai reopening

3. London – 19.09 million

London UK skyline aerial view

2. Paris – 19.10 million

1. Bangkok – 22.78 million

Bangkok aerial view

Bangkok international overnight visitors spent over 20 billion dollars in 2018. Bangok may have the most visitors but Dubai topped the dollars spent category with almost 31 billion dollars in tourist spending. According to the Mastercard report, Dubai travelers will shell out on average, a whopping $543.00 USD per day. 

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