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YouTube Star Tours World’s Most Expensive Airplane Seat In Viral Video

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Famous YouTube star Casey Neistat recently traveled in the “world's most expensive plane suite” in a now-viral video, ultimately describing the suite’s vast amount of space and privacy as “borderline ridiculous.”

Welcome to the airline seat of your dreams and everyone else’s too – Etihad’s A380 The Residence. The price? Up to $68,000 – it's the most expensive plane seat in the world.

ethiad residence
(AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)

Casey Neistat found out just how luxurious the suite is on a flight from Abu Dhabi to New York. 

He has posted a video of his experience in the suite, which features a living room area, a bedroom – and an ensuite with a shower and toilet. And it makes for captivating viewing.

residence bedroom
The bedroom in the residence makes for a great night sleep

The video begins with Casey being walked to the gigantic A380 by a personal butler, dressed in Downton Abbey-style apparel.

Once inside Casey discovers that the suite, which was designed by London-based Acumen Design Associates, is like nothing else in the skies.

the residence

His living room is furnished with a large two person sofa, a huge flat-screen TV and a slide-out drinks tray.

He then breaks out a tape measure and discovers that he has three feet of legroom from the sofa to the footrest opposite, but that if he shuffles over to the far end of the seat, there’s no limit to the stretch space, because he’s facing the corridor to the rest of the suite.

leg space

His video tour also reveals how someone can peek over the divider into the living room, but that the windowless bedroom (which also has a flat-screen TV) and bathroom are completely private.

Donning a shower cap (and with his sunglasses on), Casey jumps into the shower, which offers 10 minutes of hot water.

Then he pads around in a Residence bathrobe.

The meal service, meanwhile, takes place in the living room of the suite, where Casey is served four courses by his regal butler.

hot shower residence
toilet residence

Neistat admitted that Etihad put him up for free, in exchange for a review on his video channel and his honest take on the value of the trip.

“If you're looking to spend about the price of a new Toyota on one flight… what an experience,” he joked.

Video – The World's Most Expensive Plane Seat 

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