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Good news Mazatlán fans – there are now more direct flights to the Pearl of the Pacific than ever before!

Mazatlán is undergoing a massive wave of popularity from both domestic and international tourists, which has airlines adding more non-stop flight options to the city from Mexico, Canada and the United States.

all the places you can fly direct from mazatlan

I don’t know about you, but I put a lot of weight into destinations I can fly to direct. After 5 years of non-stop travel, I have done the whole ‘3-stop’ flight to get somewhere and it just leaves me completely burnt out. If I can fly somewhere direct, there is a much bigger chance I will continue to choose it as a regular destination.

Since falling in love with Mazatlán, and making the bold decision to apply for residency here, I wanted to do some detailed research on how easily I can get back and forth from MZT to Canada. I've also included where you can fly to directly from Mazatlán.

flights to mazatlan mexico

As of Jan 2020, here’s all the latest info on where you can fly into Mazatlán directly from (or fly directly TO from Mazatlán as well!)

From Canada

Canada is the country that has the most direct flight options to Mazatlán, even more than Mexico, although most of the flights are seasonal.

Canadian Cities That Fly Direct to Mazatlán:

Calgary flies daily to Mazatlan direct, all year round

Calgary  – Year round!
4x’s a week during high season, 1x’s a week rest of year. WestJet

Vancouver – Seasonally 
1x’s a week during high season. WestJet

Abbotsford – Seasonally
2x’s a week during high season. Swoop

Edmonton – Seasonally
2x’s a week during high season. Swoop

Regina flies direct to mazatlan on Sunwing

Regina – Seasonally/Charter
1x’s a week during high season. Sunwing

Winnipeg  – Seasonally/Charter
1x’s a week during high season. Sunwing

Ottawa – Seasonally/ Charter 
1x’s a week during high season. Sunwing

Montreal – Seasonally/ Charter 
1x’s a week during high season. Sunwing

Quebec – Seasonally/ Charter 
1x’s a week during high season. Sunwing

Toronto – Seasonally/ Charter 
1x’s a week during high season. Sunwing

Canadian Airlines that fly direct to MZT:

There are three airlines that fly non-stop from Canada to Mazatlán: Swoop Airlines, WestJet and Sunwing.

Westjet is a old Canadian favorite and has been flying to regions of Mexico for years. Most canucks have already flown with this airline before and know what to expect. It will be the most ‘high-end’ out of all the options and the only airline with a possible premium economy class.

swoop airlines flies direct to mazatlan mexico

Swoop Airlines just launched recently in Canada and they have the BEST deals on flying to and from Mazatlán from the Abbotsford and Edmonton airports. You can find fares as low as $159 one-way, which is insanely cheap!

I recently flew Swoop for the first time in September from Kelowna to Winnipeg and had a pretty decent experience. I wrote all about what to expect from Canada’s new low-cost provider, fees for bags and seats, and my personal review of the airline.

Sunwing’s seasonal charter flights are usually booked together along with hotel as a ‘all-inclusive vacation’ sort of package, but the flights CAN be booked separately as well. Many travelers aren’t aware of this!

From the United States

There are currently 5 cities in the USA that fly directly to Mazatlán, with 3 of them being year-round. 

American Cities That Fly Direct to Mazatlán:

daily direct non-stop flights from LAX to Mazatlan

Los Angeles All year round
5-7x’s a week depending on season.  Alaska Air.

PhoenixAll year round
1x’s a day.  American Airlines

Dallas All year round
1x’s a day from Oct-April. Seasonally 1x’s a week May to Sept.  American Airlines.

Houston – Seasonally
2x’s a week Jan to April.  United Airlines

Minneapolis – Seasonally
3-4x’s a week December to April.  Sun Country Airlines.

Minneapolis flies direct to mazatlan

USA Airlines that fly direct to MZT:

There are four airlines that fly non-stop from the USA to Mazatlán:
United, American, Alaska, and Sun Country.

No matter if you are coming from Canada or the USA to Mazatlán, you should know that Uber is NOT allowed at the MZT airport. 

Your choices for getting out of the Mazatlán airport include: a shared shuttle bus, a taxi, or what we personally love using, a private driver. (Don't worry, private drivers in Mazatlán are extremely affordable!)

From Mexico

Mazatlan gets a ton of domestic tourism, so there are lots of good non-stop flight options from other Mexican cities, with rumors of new cities being added like Merida.

Mexican Cities That Fly Direct to Mazatlán:

Mexico city flies direct to Mazatlan with 3 airlines

Mexico CityYear round.
Multiple times daily.  Interjet, Volaris, & Aeromexico.

TijuanaYear round.
1x's daily.  Volaris.

HermosilloYear round.
4x’s a week.  TAR Aerolineas

Santiago de QuereteroYear round.
2x’s a week.  TAR Aerolineas.

La Paz– Seasonally.
2x’s a week during high season.  VivaAerobus.

Monterrey – Seasonally.
1x's daily from December to April.  VivaAerobus.

Mexican Airlines that fly direct to MZT:

There are five airlines that fly non-stop from other Mexican cities to Mazatlán:
Aeromexico, VivaAerobus, Volaris, TAR Aerolineas, Interjet

Mazatlan - easiest and fastest flights to get there

Any other destinations fly direct to Mazatlán?

As of right now, only Canada, the USA and Mexico have cities that fly directly into  Mazatlán's MZT airport. 
There are no European, Caribbean, Central or South American cities that make the direct trip… yet.

However, since both LAX and MEX fly direct into Mazatlán, most global destinations will use those airports to at least make some nice 1-stop flight combos possible. 

Mexico City to Mazatlán is only a 1.45 hour flight, and LAX to Mazatlán is only a 2.45 hour flight, making both options very attractive. 

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