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Mazatlán’s Weather Compared To Other Coastal Mexican Cities

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If you look at the annual weather of all the popular coastal cities in Mexico, they are all going to be very similar at first glance. You’ll see an average annual temperature of around 26°c (80f) no matter if you’re looking in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlán. However, there are many other factors (like average rainfall, humidity, nightly lows, etc.) that will dramatically change how you experience those temperatures.

When we started doing research on where to spend the winter in Mexico, we began the search not by studying temperatures, but by studying humidity levels. Humidity is the one factor that can either make the exact same temperature feel wonderful or sufferable.

mazatlan weather compared to other coastal mexican cities

Our goal was to find a coastal city in Mexico with less humidity, so that we could spend more time enjoying the outdoors instead of always hiding inside with the AC.

I actually enjoy some heat and humidity but spending the last 2 years in South East Asia where the humidity never drops below 80% (and can commonly reach 100%), we were looking for a climate that wasn’t so oppressive.

Mexico has always been one of my favourite countries in the world and I have spent time in almost every major coastal city, but I believe I have now found my favorite climate out of all of them: Mazatlán.

Weather in Mazatlan is the best in mexico

Now, me telling you that Mazatlán has the best weather in Mexico is like telling you a particular flavour of ice cream is the best. It’s all subjective and completely personal. However, I’m going to tell you in detail WHY I think it’s the best weather, along with some statistics and even some comparisons to other Mexican cities. That way, you’ll have all of the information to make a decision on where you might think has the best weather.

I will compare Mazatlán to: Cabo, Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Cancun (which also includes Playa Del Carmen and Tulum.)

Mazatlan Weather

Mazatlán has one of the best coastal climates in all of Mexico, especially for snow birds who visit for half the year. The winters are sunny and dry with lower humidity, almost a 0% change of rain, and cooler refreshing night temperatures.

Let’s look at some quick Mazatlán Weather stats:

  • 2800+ hours of annual sunshine
  • Average temperature of 24°c (75°f)
  • Average humidity between 65%-70%
  • 40 days of rainfall

Wikipedia tell us: “Mazatlán has a tropical savanna climate bordering a hot semi-arid climate, with a marked and rather long dry season.”

Mexican City Closest to Mazatlán’s Weather:

= Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is almost Mazatlán’s twin when it comes to annual weather. They have the most similarities when compared to the other coastal hot-spots.

Here are the main differences:

Puerto Vallarta is a few degrees warmer at night, has more rainy days, and is around 10% more humid on average. For people who like warmer climates, a greener environment, and aren’t bothered by humidity, Puerto Vallarta is a great choice.

For people who value those cooler nights and a drier climate, Mazatlán is the best pick.

Mazatlan's lighthouse

Average Humidity in Mazatlán

Thank goodness the humidity levels in Mazatlán, especially in the winter months, are very tolerable. Yes, the summer months are a different story, but we’ll get to that.

The average annual humidity level in Mazatlán is 65%-70%. (I found 2 conflicting data points. One claims 65% while the other claims 70%)

In the winter you will find it as low as 55% and in the summer it can creep up over 85%.

We could only find TWO other coastal vacation cities in Mexico that had lower annual humidity than Mazatlán – Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Peñasco.


the dry climate of Cabo

Don’t get me wrong, Cabo and Puerto Peñasco are beautiful in their own way, but they are a desert climate. The moment you’re not in a resort that planted and waters its own palm trees and grass, all you see is brown dust. Personally, I like a city with a little more natural green in it.

puerto pencaso is very dry

Puerto Peñasco is extremely dry 

Now Mazatlán is kind of in-between when it comes to flora. It’s not as dry as Cabo, but it’s not as lush as the Yucatan. With lower humidity and lower rainfall, you get drier climates and not as much green vegetation.

The summers here in Mazatlán will be greener, while the winter tends to ‘brown’ up a bit.

mazatlan is semi-arid climate

Mazatlán is a little greener than Cabo or Puerto Peñasco

Humidity in Mazatlán compared to other coastal cities in Mexico

Cabo San Lucas 57%

Mazatlan 65%-70%

Huatulco 72%

Puerto Vallarta 77%

Manzanillo 78%

Cancun 80%

I am writing this blog in Mazatlán in November just when the humidity levels are dropping from September. It’s SO refreshing to be able to go outside without hitting that WALL of wetness. It makes it much easier to walk around without being completely soaked in sweat from head to toe. In my opinion, it’s one the nicest things about Mazatlán compared to other Mexican cities I have visited or lived in. I am really looking forward to the next 4 to 5 months where the humidity will drop even lower.

Now let’s cover the high humidity. In the summer between July and September, the wetness in the air is out of control high, or as they call it ‘oppressive’ and ‘miserable’.

Now, if we compare the annual humidity chart of Mazatlán with the charts of Cancun and it’s almost twin-sister city Puerto Vallarta, we can easily see that Mazatlán has FAR more dry and comfortable days. (Shown in green and blue.) You can hardly see any blue or green on Cancun’s chart, and Puerto Vallarta doesn’t have much either. Mazatlán has a large chunk of the year with very comfortable levels of humidity, which is one of its best features!

mazatlan humidity levels
humidity levels in puerto vallarta compared to Mazatlan
humidity in cancun compared to mazatlan

Average Annual Rainfall in Mazatlán

If you came to Mazatlán for 6 months, let’s say November to April, you might only see a handful of rainy days during your entire half-year stay. From February to May specifically, you might not even see ONE rainy day.

This type of dry weather during the winter is perfect for snow birds and vacationers because it almost guarantees your holidays won’t be ruined by rain. There is plenty of sunshine and not a lot of cloud cover, providing a lot of bright and sunny days.

annual weather in mazatlan sinaloa

Now, the summer and start of fall is a different story. There are 3 months in particular that have a LOT of cloudy days and rainfall: July, August and September. Most snowbirds leave for the summer months but there are still plenty of expats and domestic tourists that visit between July and September.

Rainy Days in Mazatlan compared to other coastal cities in Mexico

Cabo = 14 days

Mazatlán = 40 days

Huatulco = 50 days

Manzanillo = 65 days

Puerto Vallarta = 80 days

Cancun = 100 days

Average Temperatures in Mazatlán

The average annual temperature in Mazatlán is 24°c (75°f).

It comes in a little lower than other coastal cities, which usually have annual averages of around 26°c-27°c.

Average min and max temperatures in Mazatlán, Mexico

The daily average high throughout the year only fluctuates 8 degrees from 26°c in January to 34°c in August. The daily average low fluctuates 11 degrees from 14°c in January to 25°c in August.

Average weather in Mazatlan Mexico

There are two distinct seasons in Mazatlán. The dry and cool season from November to May (Winter and Spring), and then the wet and hot season from June to October (Summer and Fall).

Average temperatures in Mazatlán by season


  • High 27°c  (81°f)
  • Low 14°c  (57°f)


  • High 28°c  (82°f)
  • Low 17°c  (63°f)


  • High 33°c  (91°f)
  • Low 25°c  (77°f)


  • High 32°c  (90°f)
  • Low 22°c  (72°f)

Average Temperatures in Mazatlán compared to other coastal cities in Mexico



  • Winter 27°c/16°c
  • Spring 30°c/20°c
  • Summer 35°c/26°c
  • Fall 32°c/23°c

Puerto Vallarta

  • Winter 27°c/17°c
  • Spring 28°c/19°c
  • Summer 32°c/25°c
  • Fall 31°c/23°c


  • Winter 28°c/19°c
  • Spring 30°c/22°c
  • Summer 32°c/25°c
  • Fall 31°c/23°c


  • Winter 30°c/20°c
  • Spring 30°c/21°c
  • Summer 33°c/25°c
  • Fall 32°c/24°c


  • Winter 31°c/21°c
  • Spring 32°c/23°c
  • Summer 31°c/24°c
  • Fall 31°c/23°c

When you ONLY look at the daily average temperatures, all the cities really look the same, however each one ‘feels’ completely different. That is why I have learned to look at other factors like wind speed, sunshine hours, humidity, rainfall, and even water temperatures.

For people just visiting for a week, it’s much less crucial to know these details, but if you are considering re-locating they details can make or break a decision.

Kashlee on mazatlan beach - mazatlan weather

Why I think Mazatlán has the best weather

  • It has the coolest winters. With the average being 15°c in the night and 26°c during the day, it’s such a nice break from intense heat 24/7. It also helps keep expensive A/C bills lower because it doesn’t need to be cranked all the time.
  • For 6 months of the year, it hardly rains at all. Just warm and dry weather with plenty of sun.
  • For half of the year you can exercise outside, go for long walks, and even eat outdoors without melting into a puddle.
  • Mould and mildew levels are lower due to a lower average humidity in the air.
  • The water temperature is still incredibly warm in the fall season, just before winter sets in. You might find it anywhere from 26-30°c until December.

Soures: This article used Wikipedia, Weather Spark and Weather and Climate for all the climate statistics.

What you need to know about the annual weather in Mazatlan Mexico
Mazatlan's weather compared to other mexican vacation destinations

Dan Hammack

Friday 12th of August 2022

I've been following the weather in Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan currently, and Mazatlan is not only hotter, but the dew point is typically 5 points higher.

Tony N

Thursday 31st of March 2022

In Mexico, I'll take the Baja Sur Peninsula, Cabo, any day for the lowest humidity. I love brown dust but they do use a lot of water to "green up" the place. San Jose del Cabo is very nice. Any place on the mainland will be more humid. Puerto Vallarta, no way, too humid, and too many mosquitos.


Monday 25th of October 2021


What a wonderful find was your very informative and well written article. We are living now in Cuernavaca, MX and just a short flight to Mazatlan. However landing at your very small airport two weeks ago was not what l had expected. First impressions driving to our hotel for a week, was visually disappointing and congested traffic both coming and going didn’t help. As far as the humidity was concerned it was a bit of a shock. With this said we won’t be returning…or will we. One week during a hurricane is no way to judge a city. You have opened my eyes to a different side of what l think might be our great new permanent escape city.

Thank you very much for your effort in allowing eyes like mine to see a different side to Mazatlán.

Peter Hollingsworth Cuernavaca, Mexico


Friday 22nd of April 2022

@Peter, we live in Tulum and are looking for a slower, more established “town”. Do you like Cuernavaca?

Martin Magenheim

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Very informative and helpful ( especially appreciated the detailed weather section ) .

Suggestions re.: living part-time in MAZATLAN ?

Thank you .


Thursday 4th of February 2021

Great post. You have really piqued our interest now. Thanks