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10 Unforgettable Places To Visit In The U.S. This Spring

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Now that we’re in January, some people may be planning where to travel in the upcoming months. We've rounded up 10 unforgettable U.S. places to visit this upcoming spring, from sun-kissed destinations to day trips in valleys painted with wildflowers. 

1. The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are absolutely amazing to visit any time of year. If you’re looking to dive into a sun-kissed vacation before summer has even rolled around, you’ll definitely want to consider visiting this set of islands off the Florida coast.

The Florida Keys

2. Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve

Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve offers some of the most stunning wildflower viewing opportunities in this section of the United States. Located about an hour from Los Angeles, this can make a great day trip. It’s also an amazing destination for photographers of all sorts. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Instagram photo or a stunning landscape, these wildflower-filled fields are sure to awe. The wildflower season typically runs from mid-February through May.

Antelope Valley

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a popular destination in the summer for hiking and the fall for its stunning foliage displays, but it shouldn’t be written off for a springtime visit either. The park is home to some amazing wildflower displays in the spring, and also becomes a great location for outdoor recreation as temperatures begin to rise. Springtime weather can be a little inconsistent, and get chilly still – you’ll likely want to make sure to bring a jacket and some warmer clothes on this trip with you.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

4. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles enjoys some pretty warm weather year-round, making this a great option for those tired of colder temperatures. Spring also isn’t quite as popular as a time to visit the city as the summer months are, making this a great way to beat some of the crowds. The city offers no shortage of things to do, from some memorable sightseeing opportunities such as the Hollywood Sign to delicious food.

5. Joshua Tree National Park

Spring is one of the most well-loved times of year to visit Joshua Tree National Park, and for good reason. Temperatures in the area can soar over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, but a springtime visit will let you enjoy mild weather and the trails, wildlife, and natural wonders the park has to offer.  

Joshua Tree National Park

4. Phoenix, Arizona

This Arizonan city might get boiling hot in the summer months, but a spring trip is a great time to enjoy it without having to brave such extreme temperatures. It’s home to a variety of attractions that make it worth a visit, from museums to hiking trails. 

Phoenix, Arizona

5. Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska might be synonymous with endless winter, but spring is actually a great time to visit. You’ll be able to enjoy some milder conditions, as well as a little more sunlight than a winter trip would bring. Better yet, if you visit in early spring – typically before late April – you’ll still be visiting in the prime time for viewing the northern lights. Anchorage in particular is a great city to visit as it offers many big-city amenities while still being an excellent place to embark on adventures to explore the Alaskan frontier.

7. Miami, Florida

A trip to Miami this spring is a great way to fast forward into summer. This vibrant Florida city has something for everyone. You can look forward to enjoying some warm beaches, checking out the city's active nightlife scene, or even exploring some local hidden gems.

miami beach

9. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is another one of those stunning outdoor destinations that can get extremely hot in the summer months. Taking advantage of the milder spring temperatures is a great way to experience this amazing natural wonder in a comfortable way.

Grand Canyon

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

While Vegas offers plenty to do year-round, visiting in the spring is a great way to enjoy everything the city has to offer without the downside of hot, tiring weather. During the day, check out the shopping opportunities the city has to offer such as Fashion Show Mall. In the evening consider checking out one of the many high-quality shows playing.

Las Vegas Sign

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