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460 Fires Burning In BC Blanket Western Canada in Smoke

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Smoky and blazing hot conditions prompt multiple advisories across B.C. Alberta and Saskatchewan

Over 460 fires are burning in B.C. and combined with the hot weather are making conditions uncomfortable across Western Canada. Air quality advisories and heat warnings have been issued in all three provinces.

Under the current high pressure weather system, smoke is pouring into Alberta and Saskatchewan causing poor air quality and reduced visibility. Smoky conditions could continue until Saturday when temperatures are expected to drop in B.C. and Alberta.

Residents of B.C. are used to the smoky hot weather that comes during the summer fire season. For those planning their summer trips and travel vacations to the province, check out the tips below.

Smoky Skies Western Canada

Extremely hot weather combined with poor air quality can be dangerous for the elderly, those with underlying conditions such as asthma, infants, young children and pregnant women. 

How to reduce health risks associated with Smoky weather

1. Avoid strenuous outdoor activities

2. Drink plenty of foods and stay hydrated

3. Wear a face mask 

4. Consider a clean air room in your home using a commercially available air filter

5. Travel to areas that have better air quality if possible


How to avoid health risks associated with hot weather

1. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water even when not thirsty

2. Eat “cool” foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

3. Stay indoors as much as possible when there is a source of air conditioning 

4. Wear the appropriate loose fitting clothing

5. Take a cold bath or shower 

6. Use fans in the home to keep air circulating 

7. If you must venture outside ensure you are properly covered in sunscreen, wear a hat and seek shelter in the shade whenever possible.