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5 Of The Cheapest Countries In Europe To Visit This Fall  

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Fall is a great time to visit Europe. Many of the overwhelming crowds that descend on the region during the summer have left, the weather is cooling down, and peak season prices particularly for hotel rooms and accommodation are going down too. 

Many people think of heading to Asia or South America in search of the most budget-friendly destinations for their adventures.

5 Of The Cheapest Countries In Europe To Visit This Fall

But traveling to Europe doesn’t always have to mean eye-wateringly expensive prices.  

These are 5 of the cheapest countries in Europe to visit this fall:  


Visitors to Albania are attracted by its pristine beaches. 

Just like its more famous neighbors of Greece and Italy, the beaches in Albania are beautiful and you will find a mixture of sand or pebbled options. But at a fraction of the price.  

Ksamil beaches. Four islands. The bay. Ksamil. Albania.

Away from the coastline, Albania’s vibrant and creative capital is a great place to explore the country’s unique cultural heritage and is just as affordable.  

The average price of a hotel room in Albania is $49. You can expect to pay an average of $81 per night for a 5-star room.  

You can expect to pay $2 for a pint of domestic beer, just under $1.50 for a cappuccino or latte, and around $7 for a meal in an inexpensive restaurant.  

It is no surprise that all of the destinations on this list are in Eastern Europe. The same budget you might allocate for a week in Western Europe could last up to a month in Eastern Europe. 


Poland is home to breathtakingly beautiful nature, particularly its mountains and forests. Poland boasts Europe’s most ancient old-growth forest and its unique geography makes the country truly special.  

Warsaw is both the capital and the largest city in Poland. It boasts a beautiful old town and is packed full of cultural attractions.  

Beautiful Krakow market square, Poland, Europe.

Poland is another Eastern European country that is affordable for tourists. A coffee in a café will cost between $2-4 and lunch in a restaurant will set you back between $4 –8.  

The average price of a mid-range hotel room in Poland is $54 per night.

You can secure a hotel room in the country for as little as $20 per night, whilst the most expensive 5-star hotels will cost around $400 per night.  


Latvia is one of the lesser-known Eastern European vacation destinations. Most tourists head to its capital of Riga although the whole country has a lot to offer.  

From the forests and beaches to the hustle and bustle of Riga Central Market, Latvia is affordable and welcoming to travelers.  

City Hall Square with House of the Blackheads and Saint Peter church in Old Town of Riga on dramatic sunrise, Latvia

If you’re looking for an affordable break, then a bottle of water will cost around 70 cents, and a beer will cost around $2.50 if you buy it in a bar. Food-wise, you can expect to spend $23 on dinner for two. 

The average cost for a night in a mid-range hotel room in Latvia is $64 per night. If you are on a tight budget then the best value 2 and 3-star hotels start from $30 per night.  


Hungary is considered one of the grandest countries in Europe. This is particularly true of its capital of Budapest which boasts ornate buildings, gothic architecture, and beautiful baths.  

Budapest at sunset

But this level of grandeur doesn’t come with the high price tag you might expect.  

Accommodations during the low season can be as much as 50% less than they are during the high season. 

The average hotel price in Hungary is a reasonable $64 per night. For a luxury standard hotel room you can expect to spend an average of $104 per night.  

Tourist in the old town of Szentendre, Hungary

You can enjoy a good meal for around $10 and should expect to pay around $1.50 for a cup of coffee.


Romania is a country that is incredibly geographically diverse. Visitors can visit snow-capped mountains, Black Sea beaches, and Europe’s best-preserved delta in one destination.  

Romania also boasts stunning heritage sites, and Romanians are very welcoming and friendly to tourists and travelers.  

Haussman Style Buildings In Old Town Bucharest, Capital City Of Romania, Eastern Europe, Balkan Peninsula

The average price for a hotel room in Romania is $50 and if you’re on a tighter budget then the average budget hotel room price is $35.  

Quality accommodation in Romania is a fraction of the price of other Western Europe countries.  The same is true of eating out with a good quality lunch costing just $12.

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Cave Pulasky

Thursday 21st of September 2023

It's so true that value can be had out there but you have to make sure people aren't saying rude things in funny languages. I saw a docu program with Chevy Chase in Europe where people said terrible things but with a smile. It broke my heart. My mother went to England and I am sure people said terrible things to her in their own language. You need to call the American embassy because we have rights in those countries.

haimanot abera Gebrselassie

Sunday 17th of September 2023

Am new hear

haimanot abera Gebrselassie

Sunday 17th of September 2023

Am new