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These Are The Top 5 Safest Destinations In Europe To Visit Right Now

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A new report has revealed the top 5 safest destinations in Europe to visit right now.

One of the main concerns for travelers is, of course, safety. Families, solo travelers, and couples all keep their eye on the newest safety rankings for popular destinations before setting off for a trip.

Every traveler wants to feel a sense of safety while abroad, no matter where they are, and the report has found the top 5 safest European destinations. 

Woman tourist in Switzerland- Travel destination in Bern city copy

By looking at average crime rates from forty European cities, a new report from The Social Hub has given a safety score (out of 100 possible points) to each destination.

The following are the top five cities in Europe with the highest safety score:

Munich, Germany, Bavaria. Marienplatz town hall architecture

These Are The Top 5 Safest Destinations In Europe To Visit Right Now:

Bern, Switzerland 

Known as the city of fountains, the picturesque Swiss capital city of Bern is located in the center of Switzerland and is a travelers' favorite for many reasons. It’s said to have a small-town feel and has a safety score of 82.57, meaning travelers can feel at ease there. 

With an array of museums to visit, a UNESCO Old Town full of historic medieval architecture to marvel at, and cobblestone streets to wander, there is plenty to do here to keep the average tourist busy. 

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Munich, Germany 

Often making the top ten safest cities in the world lists and known as the safest city in Germany, Munich is a top destination for travelers coming to explore Germany. This city is one where old meets new and boasts more tourist attractions and museums than you can possibly cover in one trip. 

Don't forget the numerous day trips you can take to Bavaria and explore the endless castles, including the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle. 

Any travelers to Munich in the fall can enjoy Oktoberfest, but those who miss it can enjoy the Christmas Markets as soon as the season starts. Munich is a safe and welcoming destination for traders at any time of year, and this study assigned it a high score of 80.65 for safety 

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Zurich, Switzerland 

Number three on the list of safest cities in Europe finds us in another Swiss hotspot, this time the cultural and social center of Zurich. Located with the Alps in the distance and on the shores of Lake Zurich, the city is picturesque and efficient at the same time. 

The high safety rating is partly due to the low crime rate coupled with the high standard of living. Travelers love the many galleries, nightlife, shopping, and exploring the old meets new architecture. 

The city scores a high score of 79.87 for its safety, and travelers report feeling safe and secure while visiting. 

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Basel, Switzerland

If you are sensing a theme here, this third Swiss entry on the list can mean that Switzerland as a whole ranks very high in traveler safety. The city of Basel, located at the meeting point of Germany, France, and Switzerland, comes in with 77.35 for its safety score and offers a wealth of things to explore. 

Known as the cultural capital of the country, art is in abundance here, and the Old Town and endless museums are great examples of where to take it all in. 

Basel also boasts numerous green spaces and parks to enjoy the scenery, not to mention a great multicultural food scene. 

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Helsinki, Finland 

Finland has been gaining attention recently for its appeal to solo travelers, and safety is of course one main reason. As the world’s most northern city with over a million people, Helsinki is walkable and easy to navigate, making travelers feel at ease when they visit. 

The safety score of 75.21 reflects the overall safe vibe here. People are reserved although friendly, and public transportation is easy to use when needed. Helsinki can be explored within a short time, saving the traveler more of their holiday time to head up north to Finnish Lapland to see the Northern Lights. 🏳️‍🌈Discover LGBTQIA+ friendly activities in Helsinki!🏳️‍🌈 🌈Today, the Helsinki Pride week kicks off, bringing an extra dose of vibrancy, joy, and unity to the city. 👣Join the party and follow in the footsteps of @27travels to experience the gems of Helsinki! 🤗Come as you are because here, everyone is welcome—regardless of whom you love! 🎥: @27travels #VisitFinland #ourfinland #Finland #helsinkipride #pride #helsinki #travel #traveling #amazingplaces #travelgoals ♬ Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic – Kenji Ueda

To finish off the top 10 safest destinations in Europe we have:

  • Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Warsaw, Poland 
  • Lausanne, Switzerland 
  • Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • Vienna, Austria  
Statue of Archduke Charles and Museum of Natural History dome, Vienna, Austria

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