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5 Reasons Why Over 40 Million Tourists Visit This Underrated U.S. State

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43 million people anywhere is a massive number, and that's the amount of travelers flocking to a state nobody ever seems to talk about.

It's no secret Florida is the top beach vacation destination in America, while Tennessee is number one for enjoying the outdoors with the most visited National Park.

View of Main Street in Annapolis, MD

But one state combines beaches, gorgeous parks, delightful towns, and an often overlooked city we all know by name.

The diverse state of Maryland deserves more credit than it gets, especially with over 40 million tourists in 2023.

Here are 5 reasons why over 40 million tourists visit this underrated U.S. state.:

From Mountains to Waterfalls: Explore Maryland's Wild Side

Flowing waterfall in Swallow Falls State Park of Maryland

With such a large number of tourists crossing Maryland's borders, there are undoubtedly a variety of things to do and see that will satisfy travelers' varied interests.

One of the most alluring aspects of Maryland is its geography, providing visitors with ample opportunities to enjoy being outside and taking in amazing sights, sounds, and fresh air.

The Deep Creek Lake and Swallow Falls State Park are 2 of the most popular places to immerse yourself in nature with fun activities on both water and land like a classic Surf n' Turf plate.

And don't worry – we'll get to Maryland's food scene later.

Popular year-round, Deep Creek is great for skiing in the winter and a quintessential lake getaway during spring and summer.

You can't miss seeing the tallest free-falling waterfall in Maryland.

On the other hand, Swallow Falls State Park is perfect for hiking, camping, and swimming with scenic waterfalls as your background.

Beach Bliss & Boardwalks: Discover Maryland's Coast

View of tourists in Ocean City

Maryland's beaches can become jam-packed, yet somehow this state doesn't typically come to mind when we're in the midst of making vacation plans.

Florida, California, and many other coastal destinations come to mind way ahead, but Ocean City rivals many top beach getaways.

Nestled between the border of Delaware and Virginia is one of the most pretty stretches of coastline in the states, including Ocean City and the more isolated (and top rated) Assateague Island operated by the National Park Service.

For those who don't mind a crowd, the seaside resort town of Ocean City is the place to be with an action-packed boardwalk, fun water activities, and beautiful beaches.

Historic Charm Meets Nautical Spirit: Annapolis Awaits

Boat docked at Annapolis Harbor

Named one of America's prettiest cities by Conde Nast and Forbes, Annapolis is a must on your Maryland itinerary.

Not only is Maryland's capital city eye-catching at every turn, but it's also packed with history and nautical escapades.

They say ‘all roads lead to water' in Annapolis, and as the U.S. Naval Academy's home, it's only fitting to set sail with a boat rental or, at the very least, watch the Wednesday Night Sailboat Races.

Walking around downtown, tourists will be enthralled with the 17th century architecture all while enjoying the perks of modern day amenities visiting charming cafes, historical museums, and perhaps staying in one of many cozy Bed & Breakfasts.

Baltimore's Surprising Delights: Beyond the Headlines

Beautiful glowing sunset over Baltimore skyline

We all know Baltimore, but it's one of those misunderstood cities with an unpalatable reputation as a crime-ridden danger zone.

Yes, there are definitely neighborhoods to avoid in Baltimore, but is there a major city where this isn't the case?

Baltimore may not top the wish lists of the ‘Average Joe' traveler, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a visit as it had to earn the nickname of “Charm City” for a reason, right?

Despite what you may have heard, Baltimore's downtown district is very pretty and perfect for a sunset cruise after dinner at a trendy restaurant.

Downtown is easily walkable and filled with museums and one of the most popular attractions – The National Aquarium with over 17,000 species of marine life.

Crab Feasts & Chesapeake Bay: Maryland's Flavor Adventure

Crab street art installation in Baltimore

The Chesapeake Bay has been drawing in visitors for centuries and holds true today. The beautiful body of water is the largest estuary in the world teeming with wildlife, including some you are bound to see on menu's everywhere across the state.

In Maryland, crabs aren't just another menu item – they are a way of life.

Chesapeake blue crabs alone make Maryland a highly underrated foodie destination, especially when you factor in cities like Baltimore being more cultural than given credit for with festive neighborhoods like Little Italy.

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