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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Online Travel Deals

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to be offering some of the best online travel deals of the year where travelers can save big on dream vacations. 

But wait, before you go booking that trip, the world has changed and travel looks very different then it did before the pandemic.  To prevent losing out on your hard earned vacation money, you're going to have to do some homework but at Travel Off Path we're going to make it easy for you with this cyber deal checklist.

Before jumping on what seems to be the perfect travel deal, there are 5 things travelers need to know before making that dream vacation purchase

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5. Do You Actually Want To Travel Right Now?

While the thought of sitting on the beach sipping margaritas might be enticing, remember you have to get there first. The vaccine won't be widely distributed until most likely the end of 2021 and that means traveling on cramped planes, wearing masks, potential covid tests, quarantines, lockdowns, long wait times at airports and of course the potential to contract COVID-19. 

Do you actually want to travel in this environment? Are you ready for potential snags or extra steps to take that vacation? If the answer is yes. Vamos a la playa!

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4. What Is The Current COVID Situation Like?

If your trip is within the next few months, it's good to have a look at the current COVID-19 situation in the place you're traveling. 

Do they have widespread out of control transmission of COVID-19?

What are the case numbers like?

To find out the current daily case numbers for a country, our go to source is Worldometers

They include the daily case numbers in a nice easy to read chart. 

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Source: Worldometers

3. Health Care Availability

Hospitals around the world have been overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. In developing countries, health care may be unavailable or lack quality care. A quick google search will usually reveal how a country is handling the COVID-19 cases and if the health care system is maxed. Expect to see high cases and busy hospitals right through the winter. 

If you decide to book a Black Friday or Cyber Monday travel deal for this winter, ensure you are able to get proper travel insurance that covers COVID-19.

2. Is The Deal Refundable or Transferable?

Do not book a trip that is not refundable. Let me repeat this, do not book a trip that doesn't offer a full refund. 

From border restrictions, flight availability, lockdowns, healthcare and even your own health, there are a plethora of reasons that may force you to cancel a trip completely. 

Transferable is the next best thing but be sure that it can be applied until the end of 2022. The world is not expected to fully return to normal in 2021 and you may not get an opportunity to use the credit if it is only good for next year. 

1. What Are The Travel Restrictions For The Destination?

Are there currently any travel restrictions or COVID-19 entry requirements in place for the destination you plan on traveling? Is the country even open for tourism?

Before you book, make sure you look up the latest entry requirements for your destination using Travel Off Path's Easy Travelers Guide. 

The guide breaks down what each country requires for entry during COVID-19. 

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Disclaimer: Current travel rules and restrictions can change without notice. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry and/or any changes to travel requirements before traveling.  Travel Off Path does not endorse traveling against government advisories