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5 Tips For Visiting Seattle in 2022

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Seattle, practically synonymous with the iconic Space Needle, is a gorgeous city in Washington State. If you’re looking to visit Seattle in 2022, here are 5 tips for planning an enjoyable and memorable trip, from things to do to current COVID-19 guidelines in place. 

5 Tips For Visiting Seattle, WA In 2022

1. Add Some Lesser Known Spots To Your Itinerary

In addition to checking out some iconic spots, don’t be afraid to look into some off-path things to do either! Seattle offers a ton of fun, lesser-known options for a variety of interests. If you’re visiting with your significant other, for example, consider a romantic date night on Lake Union in a hot tub boat. Enjoy a slice of nature without venturing too far out of the city are Discovery Park or Golden Gardens Beach. And don’t miss out on unique experiences such as bringing home some quirky souvenirs from the Curiosity Shoppe. 

2. Don't Be Ashamed To Check Out The “Classics”

This is especially applicable if you’re visiting the city for the first time – don’t be ashamed to do some of the more “touristy” things. Several are genuinely fun experiences (as well as budget-friendly) and are worth doing at least once. Pike Place Market, for example, features a wide variety of goods from local vendors, including some permanent shops on lower levels. Seattle Center, home to the Space Needle, is about as touristy as it gets. However, the Space Needle is pretty fun to visit and does offer some astounding views of the city below. Also located in Seattle Center are Chihuly Glass and Gardens as well as the Museum of Pop Culture, both are which are memorable to visit. While such activities might grow boring if you’ve already checked them off your list, if you’ve yet to check them out consider adding a few to your itinerary! 

3. Plan Out Transportation

Regardless of the place you’re visiting, you’ll want to put some planning into transportation. If you have your own car, this isn’t quite as important. You may still want to look into parking options, especially at more popular places, to avoid paying a ton for parking. If you’re relying on public transportation, putting some planning into how you’re getting around will result in a more relaxing, enjoyable trip. Seattle does offer a pretty robust rideshare infrastructure making this a very efficient way of getting around. It can quickly add up cost-wise though – if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you still have some options. The first is to stay in downtown Seattle and plan the majority of your activities in a nearby area. Seattle is a pretty walkable city. Several attractions such as Pike Place Market and The Seattle Great Wheel are only a few minutes' walk apart. 

Plan Out Transportation

4. If Possible, Venture Outside Of Downtown Seattle

If you do have a way of getting around easily, consider heading out a bit from downtown Seattle into the surrounding areas. It doesn’t take long to get to some well-loved outdoor spots such as Lake Sammamish State Park. Additionally, several nearby areas, such as Bellevue and Issaquah, are only about 20 minutes from downtown Seattle. Such places offer many of the perks of Seattle but also have a generally chiller and slower vibe that can make for a great change of pace. 

5. Check Out Current Covid-19 Regulations

Many of the businesses and attractions in Seattle are up and running. However, most have some form of COVID-19 regulations in place. For a long period of time, this hasn’t generally included mask guidelines for indoor locations. It was recently announced that the Washington State indoor mask mandate is set to end on March 12th due to decreased cases. However, King County, where Seattle sits, also currently has an indoor mask mandate in place that has yet to be ended.

This means that if you’re traveling to counties in Washington State other than King County, you may not have to wear a mask in public settings. However, Seattle will continue to require this precaution for the time being. King County also has a health order in place for vaccination status verification that is set to end on March 1, 2022. Until then, several group establishments and events are required to verify either vaccination status or a recent negative COVID-19 test. Finally, several attractions are currently operating with timed-entry reservations. Be sure to check out any applicable COVID-19 restrictions in place for each stop to ensure the most stress-free outing.

Check Out Current Covid-19 Regulations

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