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6 Countries That Have Booster Shot Travel Restrictions

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As the travel industry heads to normality, travel restrictions are changing all the time.

With that said, we know multiple nations are enforcing a time limit on vaccine validity. As a result, we’re witnessing nations make booster shots mandatory to be classed as fully vaccinated. 

The United Kingdom just added the booster shots to the NHS COVID Pass, and the British government is reportedly considering booster shots for travel. The U.S government backed a booster short of the Pfizer vaccine for Americans aged 65 and older on September 24.

Here are some of those nations already requiring or are about to require booster shots:

Vaccine document check in airport

1. France

France will class travelers over the age of 65 as unvaccinated if they haven’t received their booster by December 15th. Last week, Emmanuel Macron announced citizens and travelers must have had a booster shot six weeks and five months after their second shot. 

Travelers over 65 without the booster shots can still enter France, however, they will be unable to enter many of France’s indoor venues. 

Since August 9th, visitors to all France restaurants and any venue accommodating over 50 people required the Pass Sanitaire, which is a proof of vaccination QR code. 

The French government stated, “The French Government has announced that from 15 December, those who are 65 and over and who have been fully vaccinated for more than six months and five weeks will need to demonstrate that they have received an approved Covid-19 booster injection in order to access the ‘pass sanitaire’ in France. We will update this page with further information when it becomes available.”

COVID-19 In Paris

2. Croatia

Croatia was the first nation worldwide to announce a maximum vaccine validity in August. Travelers must present proof of vaccination that’s not older than 365 days. 

Therefore, any traveler who received their second vaccine dose in early 2021 will require booster shots or face further COVID-19 restrictions from early next year. 

Croatia will give travelers the option of the following alternatives:

  • A negative COVID-19 antigen not older than 48 hours
  • A negative PCR test result not older than 72 hours
  • A doctor’s certificate of recovery from COVID-19
Beautiful beach, Mediterranean sea, Makarska riviera

3. Austria

Austria—a nation that’s hit the headlines for making vaccines compulsory for all citizens today—has declared full vaccination status will expire nine months after the second dose. The rule began on November 8, 2021.

You’ll need booster shots If you want to enter restaurants, bars, and entertainment spaces 9 months after your final vaccine dose. Austria has one of the lowest vaccine rollouts in the Western world.

View of Vienna

4. Israel

Israel reopened to international visitors in the summer after having one of the world’s fastest vaccine rollouts. However, the nation now states all travelers fully vaccinated over 180 days ago will require booster shots. 

What’s more, visitors will need to wait until 14 days after their booster shot dose to enter. Israel won’t allow entry to any tourists who received their final vaccine dose over 180 days ago.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland won’t recognize travelers as fully vaccinated 365 days after their second vaccine dose. However, Switzerland’s regulations for the COVID-19 certificate are in line with European Union regulations. Therefore, travelers can still enter without the Swiss vaccine passport.

But without the vaccine passport, travelers won’t be able to enter many indoor spaces, including bars, restaurants, and indoor tourist attractions.

Zurich Cityscape, Switzerland

6. Greece

Greece has increased COVID-19 restrictions this week and made the vaccine passport mandatory for indoor spaces, including bars, restaurants, and cafes.

In addition, anyone over 60—including tourists—must get their booster shot within the next month or they won't qualify for the vaccine passport. The Greek Prime Minister is pushing the EU to make the booster shots mandatory if travelers want to use the EU's digital health pass in the future.

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Wednesday 22nd of February 2023

Agree with all previous comments from (1+ years ago) from commentators except Stephen.

Unfortunately, Indonesia STILL insists on boosters from all nationals and residents of the country for access and even internal (!) travel.

We are on the cusp of March 2023 and still NO change.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

I'm pretty sure Croatia will drop that booster talk, since nearly half of the population didn't go along with the first jabs. Even less will get boosters, so hence the huge protests in Zagreb. It's untenable, and will be interesting to see it crumble.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

Nothing came true. If all had their vaccines we would have been through. Instead people are talking nonsense about vaccines and refuse - and my country, Austria as you named it in this article, has to go on strict lockdown again. Not because the government wants to take control but because there is still one third of the population with absolutely no medical education knowing everything better than any scientist. I am sure Liberty and all the others have made exact studies of the vaccines, analyzing every detail and are able to write a detailed and medically valid report about the function of the vaccines. They are afraid by health authorities of democratic countries like EMA or FDA because they rather trust someone on telegram who tells them something. They call their countries dictatorship because they are trying to keep public health systems work. Ah, I forgot, that's all "fake news", only Donald Trump channels know how the world really works. That guy with the high education who had no idea about anything. In Austria we are heading into a kind of civil war with 100.000 far right wing idiots demonstrating for their so called "freedom". And Austria's health system is still treating them for free when they get Covid and need an ICU. I think they should pay every single cent by themselves. Ruining all the world but claiming "freedom". If you want real freedom, go to China or North Korea or even Russia and you will see what freedom means. If people go and demonstrate they will get imprisoned and executed - in Austria thousands of policemen are still protecting them when they occupy the streets of my beautiful hometown. But I don't expect anyone of their intellectual level to understand how democracy works and that protecting public health services from collapsing is one of the most important duties for a government. I am fully supporting vaccination mandates in my country. If not we will never get out of this.


Sunday 21st of November 2021

@Stephan, Oh, come on! stop with your anti Russia/China/North Korea/Trump comments. Clearly, you have been hypnotised by the media mob where health issues have become political.


Sunday 21st of November 2021


Right, your 15th booster didn't work because your neighbor didn't get his 14th.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

This is insane. Boycott all countries that require vaccines or boosters for entry.


Saturday 20th of November 2021

I haven’t even gotten my first two shots yet so this is kind of funny yet sad to see. People did this to themselves by complying. There were rumours that they would mandate infinite doses and now it’s happening.

This is what gave me pause in getting the vaccines. If I’m not even comfortable with 2 shots, why would I take 3+? Who knows what health effects that’ll have. And I’m sorry but 3 doses to travel to a safe European country makes no sense scientifically it’s such a transparent ruse.