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6 Reasons Why This Southeast Asian Country Is So Popular With U.S. Travelers  

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With warm beaches, a warm welcome, and modern cities, the Philippines has it all, which is why it makes sense that the country is so popular right now.  

The Philippines has welcomed more than 4.8 million tourists already this year, and more than 91% of those travelers were from overseas. The country is particularly popular with travelers from America.  

One of the best island and beach destination in the world, a stunning view of rocks formation and clear water of El Nido Palawan, Philippines

Here are 6 reasons why this Southeast Asian country is so popular with U.S travelers:  

Easy Connections  

While some Southeast Asian countries can be difficult to reach without time-consuming and inconvenient stopovers, the Philippines is incredibly well-connected with nonstop flights to the U.S. 

There is a wide range of direct flights each week between the two countries. Direct flights usually depart from Los Angeles International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and John F. Kennedy International Airport. 

Outrigger boats ferry tourists in Coron, Palawan, Philippines.

Once you land in the Philippines, transport links remain just as easy. There are a large number of budget flight and ferry services between the country’s major destinations.  

These are affordable and make it easy to explore the Philippine archipelago.  

Rich Culture 

The Philippines is a culturally rich east meets west destination. It has a fascinating history and diverse culture because of its wide range of different colonizers.  

In Manila, visitors can take a tour of Intramuros or the Walled City. If you’re interested in learning more about the American colonization of the Philippines, then the island of Corregidor is a great place to visit.  

traditional horse carriages in Calle Crisologo of Vigan City in the province of Ilocos, Philippines

Perhaps one of the cultural highlights of a trip to the Philippines is Vigan’s Calle Crisologo. This is a well-preserved area that features both Spanish colonial architecture and Asian architecture in one location.  

As an added bonus the Philippines is a cheap country to travel to so you will be able to explore all of these cultural attractions on a relatively small budget.  

Great Infrastructure

The Philippines has a well-developed infrastructure which makes it an easy destination for American tourists to explore.

The Philippines has the 5th fastest internet speed in Southeast Asia which means it's easy for tourists to keep in touch with friends and family back home and also attracts digital nomads to the country.

A Male Tourist Sitting On The Tip Of A Long Tail Boat In El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, Southeast Asia

Despite the fact that the Philippines is a well-developed and financially stable destination it is still an incredibly affordable place to visit.

Accommodation prices are historically low and food and drink prices are cheap too. And the longer you spend in the country, as a general rule, the more affordable your accommodation costs will be.

Safe For US Travelers  

Safety is a top concern for most travelers when choosing their next vacation destination. And the good news is that the Philippines is considered a safe country for U.S. travelers.  

The U.S. State Department has currently assigned the Philippines a level 2 country, meaning that it is safe to visit, but travelers should exercise increased caution.  

A Young Woman Looking At A Statue In Manila, Philippines, Southeast Asia

There are some areas of the Philippines that U.S. travelers shouldn’t visit. These are the Sulu Archipelago, including the southern Sulu Sea, due to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, and kidnapping. And Marawi City in Mindanao due to terrorism and civil unrest.  

Outside of these areas the country is safe provided you take normal safety precautions and Filipino people are generally warm and welcoming to tourists.  

Diverse Landscapes  

Perhaps one of the main reasons the Philippines is so popular is because it genuinely offers something for everyone.  

Whether you’re looking for paradise-worthy beaches, bustling cities, or small island escapes you can find them in the Philippines.  

The Philippines regularly tops lists of the world’s best beaches and islands. And with over 7,000 islands to choose from island hopping is a popular pastime for tourists to the country.  

Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz in manila

If you’re more interested in city breaks and exploring city culture then the Philippines doesn’t disappoint here either. With towering skyscrapers, fascinating architecture, and state-of-the-art amenities, some of the most modern and interesting cities include Quezon, Manila, Davao, Pasay, and Makati.  

Spending a few days in these cities is a great way to soak up the myriad of cultures that make up the heart of the Philippines and experience life like a local in the country.  

No Language Barrier 

Finally it’s worth mentioning that the Philippines is an easy place to visit for U.S travelers because there is very little language barrier to worry about. 

Traveling to non-English speaking countries can feel daunting especially if you don’t speak a second language yourself. But that’s not a problem in the Philippines.  

pass island palawan philippines

The Philippines is recognized as one of the world’s largest English-speaking nations. More than 14 million Filipinos speak English and it is one of the official languages of the Philippines.  

There are a whopping 186 different languages spoken in the Philippines but most people you encounter will be able to speak English (92% to be precise!) 
Not only does the lack of language barrier make communication simpler it also makes it possible to immerse yourself in the local culture and really get to know the warm and welcoming Filipino people you meet.  

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