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7 Reasons To Vacation in Aruba This Winter

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Off the northern coast of Venezuela, the tiny Caribbean island of Aruba has gained an infamous reputation as “one happy island”. The beaming Caribbean sun and turquoise waters make this vacation destination a dream come true. If that’s not enough to convince you, check out these seven reasons that we’re choosing Aruba as the ultimate island getaway. 

Aruba pink Flamingos on beach

Entry Requirements

Yes, Canada, the USA, and many other countries are allowed to travel to Aruba in 2021.

One great reason to visit Aruba is the island’s relaxed entry requirements. North American tourists can now easily submit an application for an ED Card online and you will be on your way in no time. Apply for your card here by submitting your travel information, a health statement, a copy of a negative covid-19 PCR test, and applying for Aruba Visitors Insurance. Once you’ve applied it’s time to get packing – and don’t forget your face mask as you will need it for excursions and entertainment on your holiday.

Beautiful Beaches

Slap on the sunscreen and wiggle into your speedo because the beautiful Aruba beaches are waiting for you. This Caribbean country hosts some of the world’s best beaches including the renowned Eagle Beach with its powdery white sand and crystal clear waters. Admire some of the Caribbean’s incredible tropical fish as you snorkel along Mangel Halto’s colorful reefs and shallow waters. Or spend a lazy afternoon picking shells and working on your tan at the expansive Palm Beach. 

Aruba Chairs on Beach

Luxurious Resorts

Although most of Aruba’s nightlife has been affected by the pandemic, these amazing hotels and resorts are the best place to enjoy a cocktail on the beach or dance the night away in the bar. La Cabana on the infamous Eagle Beach will keep you busy with a multitude of activities such as personal cruises, scuba, snorkeling, and more! For something more intimate, how about renting your own poolside apartment at Swiss Paradise Aruba? And if you just don’t want to leave, consider extending your stay in an amazing sea-view apartment from Blue Aruba rentals. 

Aruba beach and resorts aerial view

Caribbean Culture

Like its Caribbean neighbors, Aruba is a country packed full of culture, history, and cuisine. To see the island’s thriving art scene head over to San Nicholas, Aruba’s “Sunrise City”. The city host glamorous galleries and urban art on every corner. Be sure to sign up for a walking tour of the city’s biggest and brightest murals if you want to see it all. For a taste of the real Aruba culture, follow the sounds of steel drum bands to the weekly (every Tuesday)  Bon Bini Festival, at the Fort Zoutman in Oranjestad. Enjoy traditional music, dancing art, and taste the unique flavors of Aruba’s rich food culture. Try out the local favorites like a hearty cabrito stoba stew, keep the kids happy snacking on cheesy balls of bolita di keshi, and for dessert indulge in a rum-soaked slice of Bolo borracho cake. 

Wondrous Wildlife

Aruba is an island rich with biological diversity, from colorful lizards and exotic birds to exquisite aquatic life. To get up close and personal with some of the unique flora and fauna, head over to the local Butterfly Farm. Stroll through the tropical garden as a vivid assortment of butterflies whimsically glide through the air. If you prefer cuddly critters, try the donkey sanctuary where guests are encouraged to give their furry friends a hug to relieve stress! Perhaps the most beautiful wildlife in the country is found among the colorful coral reefs. Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving along the coast to see the majestic rays, sea turtles, and bright tropical fish.  

Arikok's Adventures

If you get tired of lounging on the beach and desire an active adventure on your holiday, make your way to Arikok National Park. The park is full of hiking trails to explore and hidden adventures to be found. For a secluded swim, the Conchi natural pool is a local favorite, right on the edge of the wild Caribbean ocean. If you want to know the island from the inside out, explore the Fontein Cave with its ancient pictographs – historic cave art left by the ancient island tribes. Or admire the skylit chambers of the massive Quadirikiri Cave.  

Fascinating Ruins

One of the most historical-cultural sites on the island, the Bushiribana Ruins on the island’s northern coast once played a hand in the country’s developing economy. This abandoned Gold Mill was once used in Aruba’s gold rush, helping to refine more than 3 million pounds of the treasured substance. The seaside ruins make a spectacular subject for photography and help one get a feeling for the roots of the country. 

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Thursday 18th of November 2021

I love Aruba! But why would I pay for a test and insurance when I don't need to for other islands?