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7 Reasons Why This Country Is The Most Visited In The World

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Despite recent conflicts across the entire country of France, travelers have put that aside and continue to flock here. In fact, it is the most visited country on the planet.

In times of turmoil this past year, France has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, it never lost its beauty, charm and culture.

With major events, such as the Olympics coming next year, Atout France put together a study to determine the levels of guest satisfaction from international travelers.

The good news is it's soaring! People from all over the globe love coming here. Always have. Always will.

female backpacker overlooking paris

Here are 7 reasons why France is the most visited country in the world:

France Is Iconic

Is there any other structure more recognizable than the Eiffel Towel? We've all seen it in movies and know instantly where it is.

When looking to book a European getaway, it's only natural for France to be at the top of travelers' minds.

We have all pictured ourselves wandering the charming streets in the City of Light, snacking on gourmet cheese, drinking delicious coffee at a sidewalk cafe, and delighting ourselves with sensational French wine.

woman in front of Eiffel Tower

Since travel is booming, people are turning those dreams into reality.

People Are Drawn To France's Beauty

France is a very large country ranging in landscapes, and travelers love them all. Atout France's study showed foreign visitors are enthralled with the stunning landscapes and beaches.

There are so many wonderful places to see it would be impossible to fit them all in on a single trip.

There are some truly stunning inland cities worth checking out, such as Lyon. However, the summer months mostly see beachgoers coming in.

The 2 Most Popular Destinations In France

Those seeking a dream beach vacation should look no further than France's gorgeous coastline.

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nice france

One region that has become super popular is Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. To simplify, perhaps you know the resort city of Nice.

If you've aimlessly scrolled through social media, chances are you have come across this beautiful coastal city with pristine blue water — one of many reasons why it has become a hotspot for tourists. Of course, the other place foreign visitors come to see is the immaculate city of Paris.

Whether it's a gateway into France or Europe as a whole, Paris is constantly on the radar of travelers and never ceases to disappoint.

Ease Of Transport

tourist on train in Paris

One key point from travelers that took part in the study is they noted getting around France is “rather easily accessed”.

When it becomes a headache finding your way around in another country, it can put a damper on your plans. That's not the case in France, especially Paris.

Not only is the public transit system top-notch and relatively affordable, but the airports have also made notable improvements.

That's why visiting France has become easier than ever before.

Awesome Accommodations

hotel in Paris

If there's one thing travelers will spend money on away from home, it's comfort. Splurging extra for a nice hotel is a common theme in France.

The country has some of the finest stays imaginable, with numbers to back it up. Hotel bookings have steadily increased over the summer months and surged past pre-pandemic levels.

Whether you're searching for 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star accommodations, you will definitely be comfortable.

Travelers believe Paris has some of the nicest hotels in all of Europe and it's a “source of great satisfaction” to stay in France.

The Perfect Place To ‘Rest, Relax And Have Fun'

beach in france

The study showed most travelers come for leisure over the summer as the perfect place to “rest, relax and have fun”.

Not only are hotel bookings way up but vacation rentals too. This is because travelers want to be comfortable whether they have a ‘work hard, play hard' attitude or simply just want to relax.

Given its easy access with flights coming in and out all over the world, France is unsurprisingly a top destination for fun in the sun, all-night partying, or the most tranquil trip you could imagine.

All of the above fit the bill for every type of traveler.

The Food Is Divine

restaurant in Paris

It's not just the cheese, the wine, or the bakeries serving fresh bread that you can almost smell through your screen.

France is truly a culinary destination, a place chefs would come to eat. Travelers love the fact they can get any type of food they desire.

France is a very diverse country, and their menus are a reflection of their openness in their culture.

Travelers can come from all over the world and typically find their comfort food or with a little sense of adventure, try something new.

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