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9 Destinations In Europe That Do Not Require Testing For American Travelers

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Europe is dropping travel restrictions for American tourists. And as the spring and summer approach—or if you’re looking for a winter vacation—some European destinations are excellent for travelers. 

Here are some of those destinations:

1. Croatia


You can enter Croatia with no testing requirements if you have proof of full vaccination. However, if you don’t have proof of vaccination, Croatia will accept a negative test or proof of recovery. You’ll have to complete a simple online entry form

Although Croatia is still fairly cold right now, it’s still a dry destination with excellent outdoor activities. However, Croatia warms up in March/April. The nation offers rocky-pine scented islands, culture-filled cities, and gorgeous mountainous coast. 

2. Spain 

You can enter Spain without any testing requirements if you have proof of full vaccination. However, if you’re traveling with under 12s, they won’t need to provide proof of vaccination to skip any testing requirements. 

Spain is an excellent destination for U.S. tourists right now. From the tranquil Canary Islands to the Bustling hub of Madrid, you’ll experience sunny—albeit slightly chilly—weather for the duration of your trip. However, it’s certainly much warmer than much of the U.S. right now. 

3. Germany 

You can enter Germany without any testing requirements if you have proof of full vaccination. Children under 6 don’t have to show proof of vaccination. However, minors can provide proof of a negative test result or proof of recovery. 

Germany is always a great destination for U.S. tourists. With its history, tradition, and architecture, Germany never disappoints. Popular cities include Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart. Germany is cold right now, but the country will start to warm up in April. 

4. Malta 

You can enter Malta without testing requirements if you have full proof of vaccination. However, Malta doesn’t require children aged between 5 and 11 to show proof of vaccination. Instead, they can travel if accompanied by a vaccinated adult, with evidence of a negative PCR test. 

Although Malta isn’t super hot right now, it’s one of the warmest destinations in Europe. When Americans think of Europe, they often forget about the tiny island of Malta. That said, Malta has diverse cultures from Africa and Europe, excellent beaches, and great cuisine. 

5. Turkey 

You can enter Turkey without testing requirements if you have proof of full vaccination. Turkey will accept a negative test or proof of recovery if you don’t have proof of full vaccination. Travelers will have to complete a simple online form, and children under 11 don’t need proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. 

Some travelers think Turkey is hot during the winter. Actually, it’s rather cold during the winter months. The country warms up in March/April, but it always provides plenty of sunshine regardless. Istanbul is always a terrific destination for Americans thanks to its history and culture. 

6. The Czech Republic 

High spires towers of Tyn church in Prague city

The Czech Republic is slightly different from the rest of this list. You can enter the country without testing requirements if you provide evidence that you’ve received your booster dose. If you’ve only received two doses, the country doesn’t class you as fully vaccinated and you’ll need to follow testing guidelines. 

That said, Prague is arguably the best winter destination in Europe. Although Prague is cold due to its Central European location and lack of Gulf Stream, it’s still a great spot. Prague is home to tremendous 13th-century architecture. 

7. Sweden 

You can enter Sweden without testing requirements. However, unlike many European nations, this rule applies to unvaccinated travelers after Sweden scrapped the testing rule last week. It became one of the first European nations to scrap testing for unvaccinated non-EU citizens. 

Stockholm is a perfect winter escape for Americans. Although it’s currently freezing most days, you’ll enjoy stunning architecture, an eclectic range of museums, and some of the world’s best restaurants. If you visit before March, you may even have the chance to see the Northern Lights. 

8. Switzerland 

The streets of Zurich

You can enter Switzerland without testing requirements if you provide proof of full vaccination. However, if you have proof that you’ve recovered from COVID-19 in the previous 270 days, you can skip testing requirements also. 

Switzerland is one of Europe’s most popular winter destinations. It’s superb if you’re looking for a winter ski trip. In addition, Switzerland is home to various world-class cities, including Zurich, Bern, and Geneva.

9. The United Kingdom 

You can enter the United Kingdom without testing requirements if you provide proof of full vaccination from February 11. The U.K. decided to remove travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers yesterday. From February 11, travelers who don’t have proof of full vaccination only need to take a pre-departure test and a PCR test on or before day 2 after they arrive in the UK. 

The United Kingdom has no restrictions on life right now; life is fully back to normal. Although it’s still chilly during the late-winter months, London is always a world-class city to visit. What’s more, Manchester, Liverpool, Scotland, Bath, Oxford, York, Chester, and Cambridge are all worth visiting too. 

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Friday 28th of January 2022

I'm not finding any information on Sweden's official ministry page regarding what is reported here. Still seems that if you are un-vaxxed from the US (non-EU), you still need an exemption to get in. Am I misreading something?


Wednesday 26th of January 2022

triple vaxxed and had omicron. good to see testing is going away