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Airfare In Asia Continue To Rise: These 4 Asian Destinations Are Still Affordable From The U.S.

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As the travel industry has opened up again across the globe, travelers have amazing choices in where they would like to visit.

Asia has many wonderful places to cross off your travel bucket list, but this year has sky-high prices for airfare.

Man walking through temple in vietnam

Those looking to visit Asia in 2023 might be disappointed when searching for flights and seeing prices that don’t compare to pre-pandemic levels.

What Is Going On With Asian Airfare?

Airline tickets on average to Asia are up 33% from 4 years ago before the pandemic, with increases of 12% from Europe and 17% from the U.S., according to Skyscanner.

Many customers find themselves paying double, if not more.

japan airlines at airport

Within Asia, business-class seats are also very high. According to data from American Express Global Business Travel, business class tickets from Europe can teeter into the tens of thousands for a single business class seat!

The reasons behind these exorbitant prices are part of a bigger trend seen globally. 

The bottom line is airfare is more expensive around the world, stemming from a variety of issues that manifest themselves after a pandemic and an unprecedented war.

The closure of Russian airspace, along with rising costs and logistics of positioning short-staffed airlines are all factors in increased prices.

boarding pass and passport

Asia is still in the beginning stages of reopening, as many other countries on other continents were ahead. It takes time to get everything in order to run smoothly, and this is why travelers will experience extremely high airfare.

The bad news is there is no timetable or expectations for a decrease in prices.

Economy fares from both Europe and North America are expected to increase almost 10% in comparison to last year.

However, there are still 4 Asian destinations that are affordable from the United States.


Malaysia is on pace to have over 9 million tourists in 2023. After shutting down for over 2 years, this magnificent country is welcoming Westerners with open arms.

Jet setters with plans to visit Malaysia will most likely fly into the biggest city, Kuala Lumpur.

This is the capital of the country and home to approximately 1.8 million residents, where travelers will be blown away by the architecture, exciting nightlife, and world-class mosques.

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kuala lumpur skyline at night

Those looking to go off the grid and escape the chaos of Kuala Lumpur can check out:

  • Gulung Mulu National Park
  • The gorgeous waters of Kuantan

The good news for those looking to visit is airfare can still be found at an affordable price. 

In fact, a recent study showed Malaysia being affected the least out of Asian countries in terms of rising airfare.

While many round-trip U.S. flights to Asian countries total over $1000, the same flights to Malaysia can be found as low as the $600s.


Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers to experience Southeast Asia. 

While there are countless amazing places to experience within the country, Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) is the biggest city and most affordable access point for Westerners.

golden bridge in vietnam

Visitors come here to experience a truly unique culture full of natural wonders and mouthwatering food at every turn.

Travelers will be mesmerized by the vast maze of winding streets, chaotic markets, colonial architecture, and historic temples.

Many venture away from the hustle and bustle to explore Vietnam’s gorgeous countryside of small villages and never-ending rolling green hills.

To get here, the most affordable way from the U.S. is to fly into Ho Chi Minh City. Prices vary throughout the year but have been seen as low as the $700s round-trip.


Flights to Japan have still been found to be affordable, particularly to the glorious city of Tokyo. 

Japan is a wonderful country with never-ending places to visit. The major hub of Japan, Tokyo, is a chaotic blend of old and new, yet an extremely safe and immaculately clean place to wander.

izakaya in japan

From the hidden izakayas in Tokyo’s endless alleyways to wild, one-of-a-kind nightlife shows, tourists will have the time of their lives.

Travelers who anticipate a trip to Japan in the future should know the country can be expensive once there, but flights to get there are reasonably priced during this hike in Asian airfares.

Flights to Tokyo may be the best deal yet! Rates have been seen as low as the $500s for direct routes from the West Coast.

That is in part thanks to Japan’s low-cost airline, ZIPAIR. 


This immaculate country has always been a favorite for Western travelers to get away and experience the heart of Southeast Asia.

Some would say that Thailand is a true paradise that accommodates any budget.

female traveler in thailand

With stunning nature, delicious food, and friendly, welcoming locals, it's no wonder why Thailand is a favorite to many Westerners looking for an escape.

While the amazing wonders are fun to visit, the bustling city of Bangkok is no joke either.

This is most likely where travelers will begin their Thailand adventures as it is the biggest hub.

Flights have been found to be in the $600s from the U.S. on various dates throughout the year.

While there are only direct flights from Vancouver, at this price point, having a layover may well be worth going to anyway.

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