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Belize Delays Reopening Borders For Tourism

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Belize has officially delayed the reopening of their borders to international tourism.

The airport was originally scheduled to reopen on August 15th,

On August 5th, the prime minister of Belize announced that the reopening would be delayed until further notice.

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No new date has been set at this time and all travelers that have been affected by the suspension are encouraged to contact their travel providers to negotiate refunds.

According to local reports, The prime minister of Belize has announced that the Philip Goldson International airport (BZE) will NOT reopen on August 15th, 2020 as originally planned.

No new date has been set, but September 3rd is the earliest possible new date.

The delay has been caused by an increase in confirmed cases of Covid-19

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There have been a total of 114 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Belize with 66 people testing positive in the last week according to John Hopkins University. 

Land borders will also remain closed into Belize.

Weekly repatriation flights via United Airlines will continue. 

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When Belize Reopens:

When Belize does reopen, travelers must abide by the following entry requirements:

  1. Travelers must book flights and hotel
  2. Hotel will inform traveler that the Belize Health app must be downloaded
  3. Complete all required information on health app
  4. Travelers are encouraged to take a COVID PCR test within 72 hours of travel for fast track at airport
  5. Passengers who do not bring a negative test will be tested at the airport at a cost to the traveler
  6. Passengers who test positive will face a 14 day quarantine
  7. Passengers who are negative will be allowed instant access to Belize as long as they are not showing symptoms of Covid-19
Travelers should also ensure they have travel insurance that covers Covid-19.
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Travelers will also be highly encouraged to take a PCR test (not an antibody test) within 72 hours of arrival which will fast track entry into the country. A certified negative result will put visitors in the fast track arrival lane at the airport. Travelers will be able to upload  test results via the app.

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If you don't have a certified test prior to arrival, you will still be required to take a rapid test at your own expense when you arrive at the airport. The cost of the rapid test will be $50 USD. 

Anyone that tests positive on arrival, will be required by law to enter a 14-day quarantine at an approved quarantine hotel at your own expense, irrespective of your existing hotel booking or other accomodation.

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All visitors to Belize must register via the Belize Health App before entering the country. 

 The Belize Health & Travel app is still in development and pending release.

The App will be free on your smartphone will allow for Belize's Ministry of Health to manage your stay, provide timely communication to you, and assist with contact tracing if any new cases arise.

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See all of the details on Belize reopening for Tourism.

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Friday 7th of August 2020

Watching the summer fade away...

Dealing with these equator countries is nothing short of a headache for tourists. I’ve been going back and forth for weeks with the Costa Rican tourism department as an example, and their requirements are either too restrictive or they keep changing without any notice.

Tourism is their bread and butter and they keep sabotaging themselves. Safe tourism is possible, but if they keep pursuing these insane policies tourists will say “goodbye”... we have something called self respect.

Travelling is stressful enough without having to worry about meeting a seven point checklist.

“Make sure you have your form filled out! Make sure you have the appropriate travellers insurance! Make sure you have our proprietary app! Make sure you give us all your private details! Make sure you inform of exactly of your itinerary! Make sure you pay up front for our national insurance! Make sure you get your PCR test!

And if you’re lacking any of these, we will ruin your trip completely :)!”

What’s next, I’m going to have to give a blood sample?