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Cheap Flights Coming To Canada With Launch of Ultra Low Cost Carrier

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Canada has been waiting a long time for cheaper flights and it looks as though 2019 will be the most affordable yet. Enerjet, an existing Canadian carrier will be re-branding as an ultra low cost carrier (ULCC) and will be launching before the end of 2019. They will be a direct competition for WestJets new ULCC Swoop that launched in June of 2018. 

Enerjet Launching New Ultra Low Cost Carrier

According to their press release. Enerjet is planning “an extensive network of destinations across Canada and into the US,”  

Swoop, the only other ULLC operating in Canada currently only serves 10 destinations. This will give Enerjet an opportunity to fly more routes and draw in more potential passengers. The show down of Swoop Vs. Enerjet is going to end up working in favor of Canadian passengers who will see more budget options for flying within Canada. 

Canada is well known for having expensive flights. Canadians shell out double the amount of money for flights compared to their southern american neighbors. There has been very little competition in Canada which has kept prices high. 

Enerjet is excited to serve an untapped market of Canadians that haven't been able to fly regularly in the past. With the launch of an ultra low cost carrier serving vast locations across Canada, there will be increased competition, which inevitably could lower airfares nationwide. 


Enerjet ultra low cost carrier

“We believe there are millions of Canadians who would jump at the chance to have a simple, safe, and affordable alternative to the sky-high costs of air travel,” said Tim Morgan, who will serve as chief executive officer of Enerjet. 

For the first time Canadians will have another cheaper option for air travel. Even though ULCC's are well known for charging additional fees, they are still way more affordable then full service airlines. Only time will tell if Canadians are ready to embrace ultra low cost carriers.