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Cleanliness Is Now Travelers Top Priority When Booking Trips

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A recent survey by Honeywell Aerospace finds that travelers' are most influenced by cleanliness and health measures when making travel decisions, even more so than cost.

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The global pandemic has become a factor in decision making which everyone must take into consideration. 

Day-to-day activities, as well as long term planning, cannot be decided without first taking the current pandemic into account. 

Travel does not take any exception to this reality. 

While under normal circumstances, characteristics such as cost, types of services offered, and travel routes would typically be the predominant criteria selecting a travel brand, research shows that the pandemic has brought an entirely new issue to primacy: cleanliness. 

traveler packing mask and sanitizer

A new survey is reporting that cleanliness is the top priority for travelers during the pandemic, taking precedence over all other factors.

The survey, conducted by YouGov PLC for Honeywell, acquired data online by surveying 3,336 adult travelers from the US and the UK. 

Key Findings

According to the survey, 57% of US respondents stated that cleanliness was the top factor they considered in selecting a travel brand. 

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In the case of hotels, 48% of travelers specified enhanced cleanliness or health and safety procedures would most motivate them to stay in hotels. 

The survey also inquired travelers who have not traveled since March, as to what their top motivator to return to air travel was, and found that 48% indicated that a COVID-19 vaccine was the top motivator. 

The survey further discovered that travelers are content with health and safety standards which airports are implementing. 

In this regard, 61% of respondents reported a positive health and safety experience at airports, while 31% were neutral, signifying an overwhelming majority (92%) of respondents satisfied with health and safety procedures at airports.   

heathrow socially distanced

Satisfaction with airport health and safety saw 40% of travelers stating they would likely travel again before summer 2021, while 15% stated that their airport experience would make them less likely to travel. 

Difference Between US and UK Travelers

While the survey reported similarities in most areas between travelers from the US and the UK, there were some distinctions, particularly relating to vaccines and hotel stays. 

52% of respondents from the UK were motivated by a vaccine to return to travel, while the number was lower for respondents in the US, at 42%.

In terms of plans to stay at hotels, it appears that UK travelers are more likely to prefer this accommodation, with 57% reporting to stay in hotels, while 43% of US travelers reported planning to stay at a hotel.

Accordingly, more US travelers at 50% are likely to stay at a with a relative or a friend, versus 31% of those in the UK.

American travelers check into hotel

Accordingly, more US travelers at 50% are likely to stay with a relative or a friend, versus 31% of those in the UK. 

Honeywell Suggests Companies Should Act on Findings

Given the data from the survey and the implications they have on traveler behavior, Honeywell recommends companies in the travel and hospitality space to act now and gain a competitive advantage.

American in Hotel Carrying Face Mask

In this consideration, the Vice President of Global Marketing at Honeywell Aerospace, Bill Kircos, stated:

“Travel and hospitality companies that lead the way on safety and cleanliness protocols during the pandemic are likely to be better positioned when global travel rebounds. 

It's evident that airlines, airports and lodging providers must address safety and cleanliness as part of their core brand offering now and in the future. Honeywell worked quickly to create new solutions and accelerate efforts that help increase passenger and guest safety while also improving cleanliness at the airport, in flight and at hotels.”

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