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Colombia Announces New Vaccine Entry Requirement

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For travelers looking to visit a destination without any restrictions this winter, you can cross Colombia off of that list. As of December 14, 2021, all arrivals to Colombia must show proof of full vaccination. If a foreign tourist is only partially vaccinated, or 14 days have not yet passed since the final dose, they can still enter with a negative PCR test result taken no later than 72 hours prior to travel.

Note: When this article was first published December 8th, it was reported that tourists could enter with ‘either/or' a PCR test or proof of vaccination, but the latest news out of Colombia's Ministry of Health is now showing proof of vaccination is required for entry. (See below image)
It reads that without at least a first dose started, no entry into Colombia is possible.

As reported today in a local Bogota English-language newspaper, the announcement was made on Tuesday by President Iván Duque with confirmation by the Health Minister Fernando Ruíz Gómez. The minister also confirmed that there however won’t be any restrictions on inbound or outbound flights from Colombia.

These updated entry requirements will apply to Colombians as well as all international tourists.

Street in Cartegena, Colombia

What Are The New Entry Guidelines For Colombia? A Traveler's Checklist

  • Fill out the online pre-registration Migracion Colombia form called CheckMiG. Travelers will have to add all of the relevant information about their trip to the form, including how you will be traveling (air, land, sea) and your point of entry.
  • The immigration form can be filled out 48 hours before your flight and up to one hour before the flight closes, according to the official website.
  • Show proof of full vaccination against Covid-19, with the last dose being administered at least 14 days before departure. According to the official Colombian government website, either paper or digital form works as proof.
  • Any traveler to Colombia that can't show proof of being full vaccinated, or 14 days has not yet passed since the final dose, they'll be required to provide a negative PCR test result for Covid, taken no later than 72 prior to departure. All documents for entry to Colombia must be provided at the airport pre-departure.
Bogota by day

“The justification for being vaccinated 14 days before the flight is that during this period the desired protection is achieved with a vaccine,” Health Minister Ruíz said during Tuesday's announcement.

He also mentioned that airline staff can impose the measures to make sure the new entry guidelines are followed by all persons traveling to Colombia.

Rooftop view of yellow houses in downtown Cartegena

New Restrictions Come Amidst Worry Of A 4th Wave

With the fourth wave already in Europe, there is talk that it will hit the shores of South America.

While there hasn't been a case of the Omicron variant detected in the country so far, the Health Minister stated that the variant “could already be circulating in several regions of the country.”

Street trolley in Colombia

Local Restrictions And Vaccination Rate In Colombia

“Colombia has been increasing rapidly vaccination rates, surpassing many richer countries at least in first dose coverage, and for this reason, the government has taken the new decision,” minister Ruíz stated.

According to the latest data, 49.5% of the population in Colombia is fully vaccinated.

And last month, the country began administering vaccines to persons ages 3 to 11.

A local vaccine mandate for private and public events was put in place across the country on November 16.

Proof of vaccination is now required for entrance to a number of services including bars, cinemas and churches. The mandate also includes large-scale events such as soccer matches in big stadiums. Health Minister Ruíz also extended the mask mandate until the February 28 of next year.

colombia jungle. Lost City heritage site

Colombia No Longer A Restriction-Free Destination For Travelers

For the past year and a half, international travelers have been welcomed in Colombia without strict entry requirements. With tightening restrictions and vaccine mandates popping up around the world, Colombia one of the only countries in recent months for U.S, Canadian and UK travelers to visit without any entry requirements.

Pre-pandemic, Colombia had already earned the reputation of being a bustling tourist destination, offering lots to do and see in all corners of the country. From multi-cultural Cartagena on the Caribbean coast to breathtaking historical sites like the Lost City, Colombia is filled with wonders.

Medellin, Colombia, March 24, 2018: Tourists walking by Botero sculptures located at Botero Plaza in Medellin, Colombia.  He donated 23 sculptures to town, it is the most visited place by tourists. (Medellin, Colombia, March 24, 2018: Tourists walking

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Thursday 10th of February 2022

Arrived just before the change here in Colombia on the 8th of December. Easy trip. Everyone nice here. Great shopping and infrastructure. I haven’t had any problems with crime. Common sense serves you well here. You can stay for a total of 180 days per year. A free on entry visa at the airport. Good for 3 months. Extending from the free visa for the next 3 months is 105,000 pesos/$27. There’s an online option for extending your Colombian visa a bit challenging but it can be done. Both applying and payment.

How long they keep the vaccine requirement up is anyones guess. As others I suspect economics will force them to drop the requirement. I was recently in Barranquilla and saw vaccination stations set up for the locals in the malls. A few people waiting. Maybe 50 people or so. When I was asked in Bogota and other places for vaccination proof I said I left mine in my hotel. That did was all I needed to do. They’re just going through the motions here.


Sunday 19th of December 2021

There seems to be vaccine exception (decree translates as "OR... pcr test") for citizens or PERMANENT residents. Consult an immigration attorney and the airline.


Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Colombia is keen to vacinate 3 year old kids, they want to make every foreigner who enters the country have a vaccine and they want everybody who goes to a bar or restaurant get vaccines. The government seems very keen to buy and use vaccines and boost their use around the World. Why? Because they have never given a peso for improving meagre minimum salaries, millions of substandard houses, the health and education of their citizens and the violence endemic from inequality that they construct and will never change.


Monday 13th of December 2021

Guess I can cross Columbia off my list of countries to visit.


Thursday 9th of December 2021

So sad Colombia is now a vaccine dictatorship. What about people who cannot take it for medical reasons???