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Colombia officially reopened its borders for international tourism on September 21, 2020.

Colombia’s airports reopened on the 21st, initially connecting the nation with the USA, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Guatemala, as announced by the Ministry of Transportation.

Bogota reopening flights and tourism
Bogota cityscape of big buildings and mountains

On September 11, we published an article called “Colombia to resume international flights Sept 21 – what about tourism?” because at that time, the government of Colombia had given no signal if in-bound tourism would resume on the same date the airports were reopening.

Thankfully, we now have our answer. Foreign tourists from all nations are able to visit Colombia as of September 21st, after being locked out of the country for 6 months.

colombia tourism reopen for Sept 21
Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) in the Colombian Highlands

In an interview with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, government official Javier Andrés Escobar told Travel Off Path:

“Colombia will officially reopen its borders on the 21st of September. On the 19th there will be an inaugural Spirit flight coming from Fort Lauderdale. All nations are welcome after September 21st if they have a negative PCR test.”

colombia town
Street in walled city in Cartagena Colombia

Here is everything we know about Colombia’s official reopening for tourism, all entry requirements, countries allowed to visit, which flights will resume first, and more key information.

Colombia’s Reopening Date For International Tourism:

Monday, September 21, 2020

Los Martires neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia
Los Martires neighborhood in Bogota, Colombia

Countries Allowed to Visit Colombia

All nations.

As of Sept 21, Colombia will remove any covid-related entry restrictions and all nations can once again enter the country.

However, normal visa requirements are still in place. If you are a citizen of a country that normally requires a visa to visit, you will need to obtain one before your trip. Thankfully Colombia has a list of almost 100 countries that can visit visa-free, including: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and all of the EU.

Credit: Gorden Cheng via Wikipedia Creative Commons

Entry Requirements for Colombia

Here are the entry requirements and bio-security measures for Colombia as we understand them today:

PCR Testing

Not Required

Update: As of November 4th, the PCR requirement has been removed.

Prior to November 4, all passengers into Colombia were required to bring proof of a negative PCR test, taken no longer than 96  hours prior to departure.


Not Required.

No mandatory quarantine is required.

Panoramic view of Guatape- tourism reopening in colombia
Panoramic view of Guatape, near Medellin

Online Migration Form


All passengers need to fill out the online migration form called “Check-Mig” between 24 hours and 1 hour before the flight. This form will help pre-screen arrivals and speed up time at customs.

Health Screening


All arrivals will undergo a health screening, which will include temperature scans.



All passengers will need to wear a mask during their in-bound flight, at all times within the airport terminal, and on any transportation to their final destination.

Travel Insurance

Will not mandatory for entry, Travel Off Path always recommends having travel insurance when traveling abroad, especially a policy that covers COVID-19.

Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Peru keep borders closed for tourism

Flights to Colombia

Flights will slowly return to Colombia’s four major international airports as airlines start to resume schedules. The Ministry of Transportation site states: “As countries open and lift their restrictions, new destinations will become possible.”

“It should be noted that the international air operation will be carried out with three prioritization criteria, first, the identification of those countries where there are openings of international flights, that is, there are activated routes. Second, that there is airport capacity to serve international flights complying with biosecurity protocols, and third, commercial viability, that is, the interest of the airlines to carry out the flights.”

airports in colombia set to reopen sept 21

Here are some of the flights that are scheduled to resume, obviously subject to change:

  • Miami – Cartagena on Spirit and American Airlines, resuming Sept 21
  • Panama City – Cartagena on Copa, resuming Oct 12
  • New York – Cartagena on JetBlue, resuming Oct 10


  • Miami – Bogota on Spirit, JetBlue and American, resuming Sept 21
  • Atlanta – Bogota on Delta, resuming Oct 1
  • Mexico City – Bogota on Aeromexico, resuming Oct 1
  • Lima – Bogota on Latam, resuming Oct 1
  • Santiago – Bogota on Latam, resuming Oct 1
  • Paris – Bogota on Air France, resuming Oct 2
  • Houston – Bogota on United, resuming Oct 5
  • Dallas – Bogota on American, resuming Oct 10
  • New York – Bogota on Avianca, resuming Oct 12
  • Panama City – Bogota on Copa, resuming Oct 12
  • Madrid – Bogota on Air Europa, resuming Oct 15
  • Quito – Bogota on Avianca, resuming Oct 16
  • Toronto – Bogota on Air Canada, resuming Oct 25
  • Orlando – Bogota on Avianca, resuming Oct 25
  • Frankfurt – Bogota on Lufthansa, resuming Oct 25


  • Miami – Medellín on Spirit, resuming Sept 21
  • Madrid – Medellín on Air Europa, resuming Oct 2
  • Mexico City – Medellín on Aeromexico, resuming Oct 2
  • New York – Medellín on Avianca, resuming Oct 3
  • Panama City – Medellín on Copa, resuming Oct 12
  • Lima – Medellín on Viva Air, resuming Oct 18

El Dorado airport in Bogota is the 3rd busiest airport in Latin America and handled almost 33 million passengers in 2018. When the borders shut down back in March, even transiting through El Dorado was restricted, hindering connectively throughout all of Central and South America. El Dorado is scheduled to once again have the most connectivity for international flights to Colombia throughout the fall.

el dorado airport in bogota colombia

Land and Sea Borders


Earlier this month Colombia extended their land and sea border closure for another 30 days, until at least October 1.

Special Requirement for San Andrés Island

San Andrés, a gorgeous island in the Caribbean Sea belonging to Colombia, requires one further bio-security measure not yet mandatory on mainland Colombia: A contact tracing app.

San Andres Colombia - now open for tourism
San Andrés island, province of Colombia located at the Caribbean Sea.

All visitors must download and use the government’s contact tracing app, called “Coronapp” to help keep the more vulnerable island safe.

Before the pandemic hit, Colombia saw a record number of tourists in 2019, totaling over 4.5 million visitors. The president was quoted saying his goal for 2020 would be 6 million tourists, however that dream was shattered by halting international flights and sealing up borders in March.

Happy Palenquera selling fruits in Cartagena
Happy Palenquera selling fruits in Cartagena

Now with tourism resuming during fall/winter season, Colombia is hoping American and Canadian tourists might choose Colombia over other more expensive Caribbean islands. However, with labs all over the USA and Canada backing up with requests, the 96-hour PCR test requirement might be a major hurdle for rebooting Colombia’s desperate tourism industry.


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Sources: Ministry of Transportation / Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism / direct interview with government official from Ministry of Tourism /

Disclaimer: Colombia’s reopening news is ever-changing and being updated constantly. We do our best to keep this article up to date with all the latest information, but the decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry and/or any changes to travel requirements before traveling.

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This article was originally published on September 17, 2020 with updates

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