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Cuba is a hugely popular tourist destination famous for its pristine beaches, stunning architecture, vibrant culture and streets lined with classic American cars. 

The Cuban tourism industry was completely shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic back in March but has since reopened its borders to international tourists.

Here all the latest COVID-19 entry requirements for Cuba and everything travelers need to know before booking their trip. 

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Countries Permitted To Visit Cuba

Travelers from all countries are permitted to visit Cuba under regular visa requirements. 

Travel Authorization To Visit Cuba

There are no online forms to fill out before traveling to Cuba. However, all travelers will be required to complete a health declaration before arriving in Cuba. This may be handed out by the airlines but doesn't hurt to have it ahead of time.

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Areas of Cuba Now Open

When Cuba first reopened in June, tourists were only allowed in certain areas, like the Cayo's.

Then in October, Varadero became the next section to open to foreigners. 

Havana (and the rest of Cuba) has officially reopened for tourists starting on November 15th, 2020. 

COVID-19 Testing Entry Requirements 

Tourists arriving into Cuba will be tested for COVID-19 at the airport.

After the test is taken, the traveler will quarantine at their hotel for approx 24 hours for test results. If the test is negative, the traveler can enjoy their vacation.

There is no fee for the COVID-19 tests contrary to many reports.

Nieves Ricardo from the Cuba Tourism Board said, “The Covid test at the airport in Cuba is Free and it will continue to be Free for everyone,” he told Travel Off Path in an interview. “There is a health fee under negotiation with the airlines to cover a few things, but this will be included in the ticket price, it will never be charged in person at the airport.”

Starting January 1, 2021

All passengers will have to perform a PCR test no longer than 72 hours before arrival and bring their negative results. 

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Quarantine Entry Requirements 

There are no blanket quarantine requirements for tourists, but depending on how you are visiting Cuba will determine some short quarantine rules:

Tourists staying at hotels, resorts, or private houses/BnB's with no locals living there: 

These travelers will only have to quarantine for 12-24 hours while they await the results of their test on arrival at the airport. If they are staying at a resort, they can use the pool, beach, restaurants, etc while they await results.

If it is a private house, they must find someone who can pre-stock groceries so they can truly quarantine for the first 12-24 hours without making any stops at stores. 

Tourists staying with locals, family, or a casa particular with locals also living/staying there: 

They will have to go directly to the house and quarantine for 1 week, and everyone else in the house (like Cuban citizens) will also have to quarantine. A doctor in the local area must be contacted within 72 hours of arrival. On Day 5 of quarantine a 2nd PCR test will be done by the local doctor to release everyone from quarantine on the 7th day. 

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Entry Requirements 

All incoming travelers must have travel insurance the covers COVID-19 for the duration of their trip to Cuba.

If a traveler arrives without travel insurance, they can buy a policy at the airport for $30 USD, which gives them 21 days of coverage. 

COVID-19 Health Requirements While in Cuba

All visitors must follow COVID-19 health requirements while in Cuba:

  • Wearing a mask is required by law at all times in public and can be met with harsh penalties for offenders. 
  • Social distancing is also mandatory
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COVID-19 Vaccine Entry Requirements 

A vaccine for COVID-19 is not yet available to the public. Cuba has not announced any mandates on a proof of vaccine record (POVR) for entry.  

Visa Entry Requirements For Cuba During COVID-19

All travelers arriving in Cuba from the United States, Canada and the UK will need a Cuba Tourist Card.

Depending on where you are coming from the process is different. 

If you’re traveling from Canada, all you have to do to get your green Cuban Tourist Card is book your flight. The airline will provide the card to you on the flight. There is no extra fee.

Some countries can order them online before traveling and most U.S. Airlines have them for sale.

Pink Card: U.S. Airport

Green Card: Non U.S. Airport

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Cuba Covid-19 Entry Requirements:

  1. Get the Cuba Tourist Card 
  2. Get tested upon arrival 
  3. Wait 24 hours in hotel quarantines
  4. Follow all health protocols while in Cuba

Source: Direct Interview with the Cuba Tourism Board / OnCubanNews

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Disclaimer: Current travel rules and restrictions can change without notice. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry and/or any changes to travel requirements before traveling.  Travel Off Path does not endorse traveling against government advisories


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Originally published November 15, 2020 with updates

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