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Denmark Bans Unvaccinated U.S. Travelers

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The Scandinavian nation of Denmark has become the latest member state of the European Union to place travel restrictions on certain American citizens, amidst the backdrop of the EU's decision to remove the US from its list of safe countries as a result of its rising levels of Covid-19 cases. Denmark has followed the likes of EU member states Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands in introducing restrictions after the EU's recommendations last week.

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The new restrictions, which will affect unvaccinated American travelers, are just further examples of how many countries around the world have had to alter their entry rules and restrictions in the wake of the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant. Here's a closer look at Denmark's latest travel restrictions, why they have been made and what restrictions their fellow EU member states have introduced in the past few days.

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Denmark Changes Restrictions – Information For Travelers

Whilst it may not be one of the first destinations that comes to mind when thinking of which countries American travelers like to visit the most, almost 900,000 made the trip to Denmark in 2019 – the last year to go unaffected by the pandemic – as the popularity of Scandinavian destinations continues to rise amongst North American travelers. However, with the new restrictions implemented on unvaccinated American travelers by Denmark in the past week, it seems fewer Americans will be able to take to trip in the coming month.

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Denmark's latest travel ban means that American travelers who are not fully vaccinated will be unable to visit the country for vacation purposes. The rule change comes after Denmark reclassified the US in their own travel advisory system. Now that the US has been designated as an “Orange” country by Denmark, the country is unable to allow unvaccinated travelers to enter for a vacation. Unvaccinated travelers who have a “worthy purpose” to visit Denmark can still enter – such purposes include work, education or business meetings.

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Fortunately, fully vaccinated Americans are still able to visit the country for vacation or leisure purposes. Denmark considers a traveler to be fully vaccinated when 14 days or more have passed since they have completed a full course of a vaccine that has been approved by the European Medical Association (EMA). The list of vaccines that are currently approved by the EMA are Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

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In order for vaccinated travelers to enter Denmark, they must show their proof of vaccination through the EU Digital Covid Certificate or a vaccine certificate that shows their name, date of birth, vaccine name and effective date. Should they be able to provide this, they will not need to test upon entry to Denmark, nor will they need to undergo any periods of quarantine or isolation when they land.

Several other EU countries have also placed restrictions on the US this week, following the EU's decision to remove the US from the EU’s Covid-19 safe travel list. The decision was made following a worrying rise in the number of positive cases, with the US averaging more than 160,000 positive cases per day.

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Sweden has banned entry for non-essential purposes, whilst the Netherlands has banned unvaccinated Americans and Italy has imposed mandatory quarantine on unvaccinated Americans, whilst other destinations have so introduced their own restrictions as well.

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Sunday 5th of September 2021

This is 85% political and 15% other. It is most certainly not about concern for public health. biDen has been an embarrassment allowing countless illegals to put into USA but bans EU citizens. And if EU is concerned about the health of its citizens why don’t they ban smoking 😉


Sunday 5th of September 2021

One wonders how much of this is driven by concern over USA infections and how much by what many see as President Biden's insulting behavior, over Covid and other international matters of concern, towards the EU; where the USA used to be partners under Previous Presidents. Further restrictions though can never be good news.


Monday 6th of September 2021

@Rich, I am wondering the same thing. The US is allowing non vaccinated tourists (and let's not forget the situation at the southern border) from Central and South America but doesn't allow vaccinated tourists from Europe. This is not acceptable.


Sunday 5th of September 2021

@Rich, 100% the latter. If other countries/regions had been banned from entering the US directly, it may have been different. But if you ban Europeans for 19 months with no end in sight while letting in everyone else throughout the ENTIRE time (save for 3 or 4), then EU finally lifts this ridiculous, unnecessary ban and Biden refuses to reciprocate while letting in everyone else for a day to get vaccinated, even Europe won't put up with it for infinity. Even if the ban is both ways it makes no sense (never did) - once it's one way, what the hell difference does it make if you come from Greece on an American vs a Greek passport? At the beginning of this charade you could at least see a glimpse of data to back up all this nonsense even though there was never any evidence shutting borders did anything. Even prison Austtalia couldn't keep it out and will have a glorious couple of years now. At this point literally all actions are based on absolutely nothing and will have consequences of umprecedented scale. It's not even a "may" anymore, it's a "will". Shame on absolutely every so-called state leader for their irresponsible actions and large-scale violation of democratic and even human rights. (Disclaimer: am vaccinated and politically liberal)