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Farmer Goes Viral After Families Risk Lives To Get Past His Tractor on Holiday Weekend

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Scott Westaby had some strong words for holiday weekend drivers putting other families at risk. While driving his farming tractor down the highway at 24 miles per hour (38/kph) he noticed that agressive holiday drivers had no patience. They were passing him on double solid lines and blind corners which could cause a head on collision killing innocent families. 

In his viral post he stated instead of driving so recklessly “relax and use that extra 10 minutes to think about someone else.”

"Instead of running me off the road like a bunch of morons, take 2 seconds to think about what that tractor means. Every tractor on the road is a person sacrificing their family time to put food in your belly!

The viral post has collected more than 47,000 likes and 43,000 shares since it was posted. Frustrated with reckless drivers, Westaby went on to remind people that every tractor on the road is helping to feed your family, rather than thinking of it as a delay to your precious vacation time. With mother nature providing farmers with a less than ideal Spring, Westaby has been forced to work around the clock rather than spending time with his family. 

"Sorry for the rant but if it makes 1 person stop and think it is worth it to me. That is one less person endangering my life to hurry up and get on with there own."

In the viral post, Westaby shared a photo of the cars lined up behind his tractor heading to their holiday destinations. He reminded drivers that at most, it may be a 10 minute delay for vacationers to have their “first cold one.” 

Slow Down Be patient Long weekend (1)
Slow down and have patience during holiday traffic (Credit: Victoria News)

As summer vacation season has officially started, slow down and be patient on the highway this summer. Arriving safe at your destination should always be your number one priority. Your family and other drivers will thank you for it. 

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