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Travel Influencer “Mom I’m Fine” Accuses Canadian Company of Stealing His Brand For Profit

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Johnathan Kubben announces the problem has been resolved in an Instagram Update!


Everything ended well. We are pleased to tell you that we solved it and reached an agreement! @reitmans not only decided to transfer me the trademark application for MOM I’M FINE in Canada, but they also agreed to pay for a compensation AND they contribute to our humanitarian effort to help build the school made out of plastic in Mexico!

I am writing this message just to tell you how grateful I am.
You can’t imagine the warmth I felt when I saw the AMAZING way you showed me your support!

Artists, content creators, Mom I’m Fine lovers, you all contributed to make this happen.

There were thousands of likes, comments, mentions, private messages, millions of views and I want to tell you that every single one of them made me feel I wasn’t alone.

This gave me the strength to fight for what I believe in. 
United, we can achieve great things, and this is just another proof.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to everyone. I will never forget this…

To end this message, I would like to say:

Thank you Reitmans for fixing this!


Jonathan Kubben, the famous travel influencer known as “Mom I'm Fine” has accused Reitmans of stealing his well known brand. 

Last year, you may have seen the hilarious t-shirts with the lettering “Mom I'm Fine” written with bold lettering on the front. It was part of a campaign created by the Quebec based company, Reitmans, just in time for Mother's Day. Over 10,000 of the shirts were sold as Reitmans had launched a contest to capture the best “Mom I'm Fine” moments and post them to social media. 

Mom im fine campaign reitmans
Photo Credit: Instagram: @katya_buzulan

Although seemingly a genius campaign created by Reitmans, there was one big problem. According to Kubben, the brand already existed and was stolen from him. Back in 2016 Kubben used the slogan to reassure his mom that he was safe during his world travels using the slogan “Mom I'm Fine” in all his posts on Instagram. What quickly started out as a fun way to keep in touch with Mom turned into a viral sensation that amassed him with a following of over 350,000. 

In 2017, Kubben announced that he was creating a brand new clothing line using his now famous hashtag. Shortly after the announcement, he realized that Reitmans was ahead of him and launching the exact same campaign starting in the spring of 2018. 

"They made about 10,000 t-shirts, more than 200,000 bags, cases, with the same font, the same color , the same way of communicating on social networks, the whole concept. "

Kubben registered his trademark in Europe and was saving funds to complete the registration in Canada. Before he could complete the process, Reitmans registered the tradmark April 17, 2018. 

Kubben did not immediately contact Reitmans but the company came under attack by “pressure from social media users.” Reitmans decided to drop its campaign but did not remove the shirts or sweaters from shelves and continued to sell the “Mom I'm Fine” brand. 

Initially communications betwere Kubben and Reitmans were going well until Reitmans lawyers got involved. After that everything fell through according to a statement obtained by Radio – Canada.

"They didn’t just use MIF, they used the same font, the same colors and even the same way of communicating (by asking local influencers to post Mom I’m fine pictures)." ⠀


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A post shared by Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez (@momimfine) on

"the campaign was legally and legitimately implemented. We respect the work of influencers and content creators, and we have a very constructive relationship with many of them. It is in this state of mind that we suspended the promotional campaign less than a week after its launch, regardless of the financial losses caused by this decision for our company."

Influencers that had taken part in Reitmans campaign pulled down their posts when they realized the glaring similarities to Kubben's brand. 

In an Instagram post, Kubben says this is bigger than just him versus a big company. He is standing up for all young creators that have had ideas taken from them by big companies. 

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ENGLISH / ESPAÑOL ⠀ I have been disgusted and deeply hurt for a bit more than a year now. For legal reasons, I couldn’t talk about it. But now it’s time to tell you why I am not fine. ⠀ @reitmans , a big Canadian company, used “Mom, I’m fine” to sell around 10.000 T-shirts and freely offered approximately 9.900 cases and more than 200.000 bags (in apparently 265 stores + online) without even informing me. ⠀ They didn’t just use MIF, they used the same font, the same colors and even the same way of communicating (by asking local influencers to post Mom I’m fine pictures). ⠀ As you may know, my clothing line is fair trade, organic and was created to help fund the school made out of plastic in Tulum. By seeing what they did to me and what I tried to create for many years now, I felt shocked, upset and extremely sad. ⠀ This is not just me against @reitmans , this is young creators against big companies taking their ideas. ⠀ So, I decided that I should go to Canada today, we will see what we can do. ⠀ I hope I will have your support. ⠀ With love, Jonathan ⠀ #FixThisReitmans #RespectYoungCreators ⠀ ——————— ⠀ ESPAÑOL ⠀ Hace más de un año que tengo una sensación de enojo y dolor. No he podido hablar de ello por motivos legales, pero ya es hora de contarles por qué no estoy bien. ⠀ La empresa canadiense @reitmans usó a “Mom, I’m fine” para vender alrededor de 10,000 camisetas y para distribuir gratis aproximadamente 9,900 cases y más de 200,000 bolsos en, al parecer, 265 tiendas y por internet, sin siquiera decirme. ⠀ No solo utilizaron MIF, sino que también el mismo tipo de letra, los mismos colores e incluso le pidieron a influencers locales que publicaran fotos relacionadas con Mom I’m fine. ⠀ Como ya saben, mi línea de ropa es ética, ecológica y la creé para poder construir la escuela en Tulum a base de plásticos. Sentí mucha angustia al ver lo que me hicieron, luego de tantos años de trabajo. ⠀ Decidí que hoy debía ir a Canadá; veremos qué podemos hacer. ⠀ No soy solo yo contra @reitmans , somos todos los creadores jóvenes frente a empresas grandes que toman nuestras ideas. ⠀ Espero contar con tu apoyo. ⠀ Con amor, ⠀ Jonathan ⠀ #FixThisReitmans #RespectYoungCreato

A post shared by Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez (@momimfine) on

"I would like to recover Mom I'm fine and especially repair, because from a moral point of view, from a financial point of view, it cost me in lawyers, it cost me sales, it cost me a lot of things. "

Kubenn has since traveled to Montreal and has set up a tent on the front lawn of Reitmans where he insists he will stay until they have apologized and gets back his “Mom I'm Fine” brand. 

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An version of this story appeard on CBC Radio – Canada

Cover Photo Credit: Instagram – @momimfine