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How To Get Food Delivery in Hoi An

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There are tons of restaurants that deliver food in Hoi An, and that list just keeps getting bigger. With new apps being released and new eateries continuing to open, the options just keep growing.

Hoi An is a place you’ll find yourself eating out for almost every meal. The prices are cheap and the food is great, however sometimes you need delivery instead of eating out.

My husband and I have spent 5 months here and we don’t have a car or scooter, which means we walk everywhere. Mid-day (depending on time of year) walking 1km to our favorite lunch spot is NOT possible. The blazing heat and piercing UV’s make us hide until sundown. Or during the rainy season, streets can become flooded, making walking around a major challenge. And of course, sometimes we just want to have pizza delivered at home to watch with a good movie.

No matter why you want food delivered in Hoi An, here are the best and easiest ways to do it.

Vietnammm Hoi An

The Veitnammm app has been running in Hoi An for a little while and is starting to pick up in popularity. We have used it around 6 times so far during our stay in Hoi An, and it’s been great every time! Food under 40 minutes, all the orders have been correct and prices aren’t bad.

a list of hoi an restaurants on Vietnammm food delivery app

You can order 2 ways.

1. Go to their website and order there: 

2. Download the app and set up a free account. Enter your address and the app tells you all the restaurants that are open and willing to deliver to you at that moment. When you click on a restaurant listed, it opens up the whole menu, sometimes with photos of the dishes. You simply add a dish to your ‘cart’ and checkout when you are ready.

I also like how there are peer reviews so you can ensure you're ordering great food. 

You will need a Vietnamese SIM card in order to download and use the Vietnammm food app. They will also give you a call/msg if they can’t find you or if they need to clarify the order.

Which restaurants have food delivery in hoi an?

Restaurants on Hoi An's Vietnammm App:

Khazaana – Middle Eastern 

Baba’s Kitchen – Indian

Zeytun – Turkish (love their chicken shawarma wrap for 55k)

Pause – Italian & Pizza

Mr. Big Pizza – Italian & Pizza

Ivo Deli – Western

Chez Cesar – French

Le 20 – BBQ

nJuice – Healthy

Ellie’s Cafe – Healthy

Thai Market – Thai

Hoshigami Sushi – Japanese

Morning Glory -Vietnamese

Thanh Nam – Veitnamese

Montes Wine Cellar – Booze

GrabFood Hoi An

GrabFood launches in Hoi An! Tourists and locals alike have been using Grab as a cheap way to get around Hoi An for a while, but Grab FOOD just recently launched in Hoi An in 2019.

GrabFood comes to Hoi An

The GrabFood app has a few restaurants on it that Vietnammm doesn’t have, which I have listed below. I also like how you can watch the guy bringing the food on the map, just like you watch your Grab car coming to pick you up. The Vietnammm app looks like it might get that feature in the future, but for now it’s just a dead map.

You will need a Vietnamese SIM card in order to download and use the GrabFood app. If you already use Grab for taxi’s, you’ll use the exact same app, just tapping ‘food’ instead of ‘car’.

which hoi an restaurants are on the GrabFood app?

Restaurants on Hoi An’s GrabFood App:

Gong Cha – Cafe

Highlands Coffee – Cafe

Cocobox – Cafe & Healthy

The Juicery Hoi An – Healthy

The Faifo Factory – Cafe

Pizza Amino – Italian

Mix – Greek

Vietnamese -TONS…..
Over 30 different options of local Hoi An Vietnamese restaurants. You can get everything from Cau Lao, Com Ga, Banh Mi and all your other Vietnamese favorites. 

How to get food delivered in Hoi An

Restaurants That Have Delivery in Hoi An

Next is a list of restaurants that have their own delivery set-up in house. They are not yet on the Vietnammm or GrabFood app. Some of them you simply call and order, while others have created online ordering systems on their websites.

Dingo Deli
call 01206009300 or fill your cart on their site

Taco NGON – Menu
call 0906594284 or msg them on their Facebook Page

call 05103864538 or 01212968351

Luna d’AutunnoMenu
call +84  016 5947 0374 

Nhan’s KitchenMenu
call 090 518 6867 

H’Mong SistersMenu
call 84 914 852 366

Circle  – Menu
call 0235 3937 317 

Driftwood CaféMenu
call 0168 647 4341 

Greek SouvlakiMenu
call 098 407 2693 

Le Petite PatisserieMenu
call 082 237 2931 

Good Morning VietnamMenu
call +84 235 391 0227 


Best Pizza Delivery in Hoi An

Pizza BoomMenu
call 0974 526 576 

Pizza Boom is the BEST! Plus, it's really easy to order. You just have to message Pizza Boom on Facebook with what you want and he responds right away.

We have ordered pizza here a few times and it was the best pizza we've had in Asia! Plus, he delivers really late incase you have a post-midnight snack attack.

Grocery and Fresh Produce Delivery in Hoi An

My lifesaver! Okay, some people might think visiting the morning market is a fun and immersive activity, but the thought of it just stresses me out! It’s busy and crowded, not to mention the massive language barriers when haggling, so I tend to shy away.

I just recently I found out I can get groceries and fresh fruit and veggies delivered to my door in Hoi An, and I’ve been using it ever since! There are two places I know of that do it as of April 2019.

Hoi An Fresh Fruit Delivery

This guy is great! I simply message him on his Facebook Page and he brings it over the next day. He goes to the markets and gardens for you, picking up the best of the best produce and fruit. I order by the Kg, gram, or even piece. Some examples of things you can order through here are:

  • Fruits like: mangos, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, limes, coconut, etc.
  • Veggies like: spinach, arugula, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, etc.
  • Herbs like: tumeric, ginger, dill, garlic, lemongrass, etc.
  • Even items like free range eggs and chicken breast

Each month he updates his list with what is available and the price

hoi an fresh fruit food delivery - grocery delivery

Dingo Deli Grocery Delivery

The Dingo Deli has the opposite end of the grocery spectrum covered. They have all the cured meats, cheeses and fresh breads that you’ll want in your fridge. They will deliver things like: brie and parmesan cheese, black forest ham, freshly baked bagels, and even chorizo.

Am I missing any restaurants in Hoi An with food delivery? Let me know in the comments so I can add them!


Wednesday 10th of April 2019

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