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Tourist Dies After Falling Into the Grand Canyon While Taking Photos

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Grand Canyon West, Arizona.  — A Hong Kong tourist has died after falling over 1000 feet into the Grand Canyon. The man stumbled over the edge while trying to take photos at Grand Canyon West.

Man Falls At Grand Canyon Taking Photos
Grand Canyon Skywalk

Hong Kong Tourist Falls Over 1000 Feet Into Grand Canyon

A helicopter lifted the man from 1000 feet below the rim on Thursday afternoon at Grand Canyon West, a popular tourist destination on the Hualapai reservation. The location falls outside the boundaries of the national park, spokesman David Leibowitz said. The identity of the man is not being released at this time. 

"The man in his 50s was taking photos when he stumbled and fell"

The fall happened early on Thursday when not many people are at Eagle Point, a remote site best known for the Skywalk, a horse-shoe shaped glass bridge that extends out beyond the canyon wall. The man in his 50's was taking photos when he stumbled and fell into the canyon said Leibowitz. The rim has some edges and outcroppings below but there is no barrier in place to stop tourists from getting too close to the edge. 

There are signs in place at Eagle Point that warn tourists to not get too close to the edge. “The park has been closed for the day and the tribe has sent out prayers to the man's family” said Leibowitz. 

Grand Canyon West is on the Hualapai reservation and annually receives over 1 million visitors. In total the Grand Canyon receives over 7 million visitors a year. 

Comparison of Grand Canyon West & Grand Canyon South

The original version of this story was posted on: Bloomberg

Cover Photo:  Grand Canyon West

Graph courtesy of My Grand Canyon