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Greece Drops More Restrictions Aiming To Be Top Destination This Summer

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As infection rates continue to decline in Greece, the popular tourist destination removed more restrictions this week as the summer season kicks off.

Greece Removes More Restrictions As Summer Tourism Season Starts

Greece Is Open For Tourism

Greece was one of the first countries in Europe to open back up to tourists, implementing forward-thinking amendments to their entry requirements to help streamline the return of visitors. 

Greece reopened to international tourists from 50+ countries on May 15. All visitors must show proof of a negative 72-hour PCR test or proof of being fully vaccinated. 

Acropolis of Athens at sunset with a beautiful dramatic sky

The country is aiming to be one of the top tourist destinations this summer, giving American tourists early access, allowing cruise ships to return, and amping up vaccines.

As more tourists begin to enter the country, Greece is removing more restrictions to continue its appeal.

Greece Removes Mandatory Masks Outdoors and Other Restrictions

On Wednesday, authorities in Greece announced that they would end the mandatory wearing of face masks outdoors and ease other remaining restrictions imposed to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

Masks remain mandatory in indoor spaces but not outdoors from Thursday except in congested places.

Santorini sunset at dawn village of Oia Greece

As of June 28, the remaining late-night curfews will also be removed. 

The number of people allowed to sit at the same table in restaurants will increase from 6 to 10, and the maximum limit on large social gatherings will increase to 300.

Beaches are open, and the limit will increase to 120 people per 1,000 square metres as part of the relaxation of curbs.

tourists in the island of Zakynthos, Greece

Covid-19 Situation In Greece

On Tuesday, the government said that 30.24% of the population had been fully vaccinated so far, while 43.1% had received at least one dose.

“The country's improved epidemiological picture is clear and pleasant,” said Vana Papaevangelou, a member of the committee of infectious disease experts advising the government. “The outlook is favourable.”

greece europe

While some countries in Europe have been grappling with the Delta variant, health authorities in Greece said that fewer than 10 cases had been detected in the country.

However, Greece has been under fire from other EU leaders over what vaccines it is accepting for entry.

Greece accepts proof of vaccination with Russia’s Sputnik and China’s Sinopharm shots, neither of which has been authorized by the European Medicines Agency.

tourist in greece at pool

Both France And Germany’s leaders have expressed concern about this because as of July 1, all EU countries will accept visitors from other member states who hold the EU Digital Covid Certificate.

“We must all recognize the same vaccines, the ones which have been authorized by the European Medicines Agency,” said France president Emmanual Macron.

“They are all fully efficient, we know that, including against the latest variants, and the delta variant. The other vaccines don’t have the same degree of visibility, especially on this latest variant.”

greece summer tourism 2021

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, has called for British tourists to be quarantined on arrival in the EU due to the Delta variant, which Greece’s prime minister,  Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has rejected.

He said the solution to the threat of the Delta variant was to speed up the pace of vaccination in the EU rather than deter tourism by imposing quarantine requirements.

“Regarding the Delta variant, in my intervention, I said that we should not adopt a logic of new restrictions but, on the contrary, accelerate the vaccinations … as I said yesterday, those who have been vaccinated are protected, those who have not been vaccinated are in danger.”

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Saturday 26th of June 2021

Top destination? Yeah, just like last year in summer and that didn't turn out well... Being 'protected' when fully vaccinated is also not true, I know a few people who got covid after their two shots, so you still have to be careful.


Tuesday 29th of June 2021

@john, I didn't say anything bad about the vaccin did I? If I wouldn't trust it, I wouldn't take it myself ;-). Just saying you still have to be careful; I have several friends who got covid after their shots, simply because they thought they now were 'protected'.


Monday 28th of June 2021

@Thomas, very well said. People like this have no business traveling and should stick to the confines of their safe and cozy bubble. As a biochemist, I also get really tired of hearing a constant barrage of misinformation about the vaccines.


Monday 28th of June 2021

@Thomas, I'm not 'afraid' of covid or the vaccin at all; (I already had my first shot) I just don't agree with the person in the article saying: 'those who have been vaccinated are protected', because you can still get/spread covid when traveling. I'm just saying you still have to be careful, whether you're staying at home or traveling. If you like to travel right now, that's up to you. I just think it's a bit disrespectful for the locals who might still be fighting covid: my Greek friend was really pissed off last summer because all these (young) tourists didn't care about the restrictions and therefore the number of covid cases was rapidly rising again. I love traveling but I prefer to wait until the end of this year (or 2022) because when I'm abroad I'd like to visit museums, cafés, events etc. without a face-mask, a curfew or other covid restrictions ;-). Till that time I enjoy holidays in my own country!


Sunday 27th of June 2021

@Elisa, Last summer there were no vaccines, and you can never be 100% 'protected'. Everyday in life there is inherent risk. If that bothers you, then never leave your house. Why are you even on a travel website if you are so consumed with fear? Traveling to foreign countries will always have risks, just like before Covid. All the data so far suggest that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are 90-95 effective, which is unprecedented in terms of the effectiveness of vaccines of all time. Also, the small percentage of people that are fully vaccinated that test positive for Covid after being immunized are also significantly protected from severe disease or transmission of the virus to others. The way you talk skeptically about vaccines is just as bad as all the crazy antivax imbeciles. The real problem is people like you and antivax loons who spread vaccine misinformation out of fear and ignorance which discourages people from getting vaccinated which is the only realistic way out of this mess. By the way, Covid is going to be endemic just like the Spanish flu which is still around to this day. Covid is not going away completely in your lifetime, so you should get used to it and learn to deal with the inherent risks of day to day life which aren't as significant as your doomsday paranoia would have you believe. There has been only one virus eliminated by vaccines in human history and that is smallpox which took about 2 centuries. If Covid is to meet the same fate of complete elimination like smallpox, it will take decades if not a century or two, so get busy living and enjoying your life to its fullest and stop worrying and being miserable.