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Kiersten Brown – Travel Writer

Kiersten Brown - Travel Writer At Travel Off Path
Kiersten Brown

About Kiersten Brown

Kiersten Is A Travel Writer And Journalist At Travel Off Path

“My goal in traveling has never been to visit every country or check different cities off my list.  I travel to connect, immerse, and understand different cultures and people. I’ve developed my expertise by finding unique travel experiences such as taking a local dance class, exploring an off-the-map hiking trail, or chatting with a local at an open-air market. I write to share that traveling is more than just visiting a place; it’s experiencing and connecting to the unfamiliar.”

-Kiersten Brown

Kiersten Brown Background

Experience: 6 Years of Journalism & Writing Specializing In Travel

Articles Written: Over 200

Countries Visited: 10

Years Spent Traveling: 10

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